Which One Should You Go For: Sound Bar Or Surround Soud System?
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Which One Should You Go For: Sound Bar Or Surround Soud System?

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A sound bar is a simple, affordable solution for improving a TV’s audio. Sound bars have become a sort of a necessity if you care about audio quality when you’re watching the TV. So back when we had big boxy TVs, you could fit big speakers in there. Actually in some of the earliest TVs, the speakers and the TVs were the same size. As technology has progressed, TVs have become so thin the speakers have to get smaller and smaller until most stock TV speakers just aren’t really very good. Talking about TVs, home theatres and sound bars, if you want the best home theatre or sound bar installation. Feel free to contact RMS Installs Atlanta GA.

Why buy a sound bar?

If you are one of those people who are buying a really nice high-end TV, it’s usually assumed you’ll have something like a cool surround sound system. But if you are buying something for the living room or the bedroom. But you want to have better sound to come with it that’s where sound bars come in. Although sound bars don’t sound as good as true surround sound systems, but they sure amp up the quality of the sound you get from the regular LED TVs.

The biggest advantage these sound bars have is the minimalistic design they possess. It’s usually just one cable and one power solution if you wall mount your TV. Almost any sound bar has wall mount brackets so you can mount it right underneath it. Have a neat compact audio video solution that doesn’t have you running wires all over the floor

Benefits of a sound bar

Sound bars come with several benefits over what your TV comes with from the factory. So as far as audio is concerned you’ll generally find that even the most basic sound bar models have more power than you’d find built in to your TV. This means you’ll be able to pay audio louder while it will maintain its clarity better. A lot of sound bars also come with subwoofers. It makes movies more exciting by emphasizing all the booms and explosions. Also it allows you to playback audio at a higher volume without much distortion.

It will also make dialogue easier to hear. It’s because it’s pulling those low tones away from the small speaker. This allows them to work with the mid and high range sounds where dialogue normally falls. Therefore, getting a sound bar can prove to be a great choice ultimately. But hold on…

Should I get a surround sound system instead?

If you are looking for a true surround sound, the sound bar may not cut it. There may be one reason you may want to have a surround sound system instead of a sound bar. It is if you are doing something like Dolby Atmos or true surround sound. They are just a bar so the sound bar has to just combine traditional left, right and center channel so you’ll get the subwoofer externalized.

But there’s a lot of option for placing the sound bar to imitate a full room surround sound. It’s because everything’s sort of coming from the front all the time. You can pair some of them with external satellites but most of them don’t include them in. So you will have to buy those separately.

So to sum it all up, if you want to go for a minimalistic approach, sound bar may be the one for you. However if you want the theatre-like experience go for the surround sound system. For the best sound bar or home theatre installation, feel free to contact RMS Installs Atlanta GA.


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