Usage of Topical finasteride to reduce Balding in men:

Usage of Topical finasteride to reduce Balding in men:

Topical finasteride

Topical finasteride is a medication used to prevent male baldness. At the age of 50, most males go through male pattern baldness. It is a common symptom of old age. So finasteride is a drug that prevents baldness in males. This drug may available in the form of liquid. Some physicians recommend it in the form of a tablet. The continuous use of this drug is not recommended.

It is also present in the form of sprays. Finasteride is used in the combination with other drugs. The other drugs also promote hair growth. Minoxidil is used in combination with Propecia. Propecia topical is another name for topical finasteride. It is established in a way that affects hair follicles. Which promotes growth. It is beneficial for androgenetic alopecia in men.

Propecia topical:

Propecia is the brand under which finasteride is sold. The drug is used to promote hair growth. It reduces thinning of hair and promotes hair thickening. This drug is used with other drugs to promote growth. Topical finasteride helps in different types of baldness. Alopecia areata is a type of baldness in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues of the body. Due to this hair follicles weakness arises.

The second is androgenetic alopecia. This is pattern baldness. Third type is telogen effluvium. In this type, there is an interruption in the body’s hair growth cycle. The other reasons for baldness include reactions to a specific drug. Moreover, in cancer patients, hair falls occur at a drastic level. Chemotherapy is the main reason for balding in cancer patients. Apart from this, their medications are of high potency, which may lead to baldness.

How it works:

Topical finasteride comes in a spray form. It is mixed with minoxidil. Both these medicines are best to reduce balding. Finasteride works by reducing the secretion of hormones that are responsible for hair fall. Minoxidil works by activating hair follicles. As a result, Hair growth enhances. It is medically proven safe for men and women. And the best and safest treatment for hair growth.

How to use finasteride for better results:

The best way to use Propecia topical is to part your hair and spray the tonic. The doctor guides you about how many times you have to spray it. The main zones where it is applied are the crown area and the top of the head. Moreover, the sides of the head are also sensitive areas for hair loss. After applying, massage it gently and let it dry. The oral dosage of this drug is 5mg once a day for adults.

Side effects of finasteride:

Oral dosage of topical finasteride may have more side effects. The main side effects include chills, fever, or dizziness. Some people may have swelling on body. Moreover itching, redness of the skin, back pain, and loss of sexual ability. In some cases, weight gain or loss may occur. Furthermore, these side effects do not need medical emergency. If you’re having any other side effects, consult with your doctor.

Is it safe to use finasteride?

Researchers have studied finasteride safety. And proves that it is safe to use this treatment. And it will help in the regrowth of hairs. But its effectiveness appears in four to six months. Most of the time, people observe hair regrowth within four months of starting treatment. In addition, it is the safest way to use minoxidil with propecia topical. It is the only recommended treatment to reduce baldness in men or women.

Best finasteride in the market:

Best topical finasteride has sold under the names of some brands. One is Propecia, which I’ve mentioned above. Which is beneficial for pattern hair loss. The other brand name is Proscar. Proscar is beneficial to reduce balding or hair loss. The dosage of both medications varies. This medication comes in different portions. Likewise, 1mg, and 5mg. It is beneficial to take one tablet daily at the same time.

Important Precautions:

There are some precautions to using this treatment. If you ever had prostate cancer, ask your doctor if topical finasteride is safe for you. Patients with liver disease may face complications by taking this medicine orally. This is not safe for pregnant women. It can cause birth defects. So, it should be avoided by pregnant women. Moreover, Propecia topical products are also not safe for children.