Jocelyn Towne Biography – Facts, Family Life
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Jocelyn Towne Biography – Facts, Family Life

Jocelyn Towne

Jocelyn Towne is an American producer, actor, and also director. She was born on August 1976 in Santa Monica, California. Robert Towne was his uncle and a screenwriter of Mission Impossible. Her father was also a screenwriter.

Her father’s name is Roger Towne. Towne’s 2 cousins are also actors. Growing up in this type of family, she wanted to become an actor. Jocelyn had an interest in the entertainment industry from childhood.

Towne also wants to be a filmmaker. The actress married Simon Helberg. Jocelyn Towne’s children give her inspiration to direct We’ll never have Paris. And she is quite famous due to this movie. She started her acting career at a very young age and with minor roles. It is quite hard for her to make her place in Hollywood. She did not establish her acting career well. And go for the film-making line.

Jocelyn Towne’s children and personal life:

Jocelyn dated Simon Helberg and has two children with him. After having children, she got married to him. Their daughter’s name is Adeline Towne Helberg. And son name is Wilder Towne Helberg. Jocelyn Towne age is 47 years. Her height is 5,11”. And the weight of the actress is 52 kg. She is from Santa Monica, California. Her father is America and her mother is French. Towne’s got French nationality in 2013.

She passed her high school at crossroads school of Arts and Sciences. After this, she went for her bachelor’s at the University of California. And she has her bachelors in comparative literature. She also had an interest in dancing. Towne practiced dance for some time but soon quit it. After that, she focused on acting. Her career is full of hurdles. Moreover, Jocelyn’s acting career is quite slow. She tried her luck in the field of production and direction.
Professional Career of Jocelyn:

During her struggles, she also worked as a production assistant. She also worked stand-in for a movie named Almost Famous in 2000. Then she worked in the movie “Burning Heart”. But her role is small. After four years, Jocelyn Towne earned another acting role. Apart from this, the role is also a small role of secretary. After that, In the movie “Hovac” she played a female cop role.

After that, she did the supportive role of a waitress in “The pily card”. Her acting career is quite slow. After that, she appeared on and off on the screen. But her roles are small or supporting. She appeared in two movies in 2011. In the movie “The Selling” she played the role of a dead girl. She soon realize that her acting career was not going to be smooth. After that Towne write a movie based on Don Quixote. She wrote it with a modern touch.

She took the project to many producers but they encourage her to direct it by herself. In 2013, She tried crowdfunding and cast her husband in a lead role in a movie. Jocelyn played as the female lead. She titled her movie “I am I”. The movie was a success and played at many movie festivals. Towne achieved an appreciation award at the Newport beach film Festival. She is also famous for Jocelyn Town’s big bang theory.

Jocelyn’s movies list:

We’ll never have Paris on top of Jocelyn Towne’s movies. After the success of I am i. She worked with her husband as a co-director. The title of the film is “We’ll never have Paris”. This movie was a success at many film festivals but failed at the US box office. After that, she appeared in two supporting roles. One was a comedy film named “Diana and Devine Meet the Apocalypse”.

The list of the movies and series she worked on is mentioned. Likewise Burning Heart, Elvis has left the building, Havoc, and the pity box. After that in 2007 she worked in Gilmore Girls and Derek and Simon. In 2011, she worked in Al bird of Air. Moreover, In 2013 and 2014 she worked in I am I and we’ll never have Paris. She appeared in Lodge 49 in 2018. And in 2021, Jocelyn Towne appeared in The Kaminsky Method.