The Art of Building Healthy Relationships – Teal Swan Insights on Relational IQ

The Art of Building Healthy Relationships – Teal Swan Insights on Relational IQ

Relationships can sometimes be challenging and debilitating. However, relationships remain the most fundamental aspect of human life and experiences. How we relate with family members, friends, colleagues, superiors, and others around us decides the ways how we live and survive. A research study by Cornell University shows a whopping hype in the number of divorces in the United States lately. Beyond the fundamental marital challenges, much challenging work and personal relationships cause this nuisance. These may further increase anxiety, clinical depression, burnout, and physical illnesses. All these may tamper with your livelihood and professional success too.

Healthy relationships – Teal Swan

With this social change in mind, it is necessary to maintain rewarding and mutually beneficial relational connections with others. To do this, it is essential to gauge the relationships intelligently. For a happy living, one should know,

  • What makes a successful and happy relationship?
  • How do you maintain a great relationship?
  • What warning signs to be looked for in a relationship that may tamper with it?
  • When to cut off a relationship by identifying it as toxic to your mental and physical wellbeing?

Teal Swan comments that it is easy to blame others for a bad relationship. Still, the ideal approach is to assess the situation and build a better Relational IQ objectively.

Concept of Relational IQ

Relational IQ is a mindset that will help people fully understand and manage their professional and personal relationships to ensure happiness and success. Maintaining healthy relations is an art and most those who lack that artistic skill avoids any destructive pattern, deception, and disrespect in relationships. Many people fail to maintain a productive and mutually beneficial connection with others, which will help you achieve your life goals, uplift your life, and sharpen yourself. Here are some tips for maintaining an excellent Relational IQ in professional and personal affiliations.

  • Do not hide things – Those who tend to hide their deeds, beliefs, and fears with the significant other they relate with will not be able to maintain an authentic relationship. Being honest and open with others will foster emotional connection and trust.

  • Never tweak the truth – Commonly, half of the job applicants tweak their resume to win an opportunity for an engagement with the employers. However, in the case of a relationship, it is no way a promising approach in relationships and will only help compromise the same. Altering truth can be highly destructive and may damage relationships permanently.

  • Do not miss the red flags –Happy and productive relationship is not a destination but a journey that may change directions, and roadblocks can be along the track. For a healthy outcome, you may have to go through different experiences, including difficult times. Never try to deceive by taking shortcuts to race through the relationships. Confront the red flags, embrace them, and sail through them positively and healthily.

To maintain a healthy relationship, Teal Swan also advises that you never try to force anything in relationships, do not repeat the mistakes made in the past or go over them again, and do not always be simply a taker in relationships.


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