Select the right bathing suit for curvy body types

Select the right bathing suit for curvy body types

In selecting a good swimsuit, the rule of thumb is to check whether the swimwear suits your body shape and size. Though you give more attention to colour, details and swimsuit design, the size and fit of the swimwear are quintessential. 

Select swimwear that accentuates your body type, which goes for every body type. Previously, the swimsuit choices for curvy women were limited, but there are more choices as brands come up with better designs that fit all body types. Whether you like to wear a sultry bikini or alluring one-pieces, get it from the curvy womens swimwear collections in top stores.

Many factors you should consider

When choosing a swimsuit for a plus-size woman, support is one of the crucial attributes, and many stores ensure that women get the best kind of swimwear that offers essential support. Choosing a swimsuit for plus-size women is a daunting task. It is not just about the size, you have to consider the style, cut, fit, colour and print.

Apart from these attributes, your comfort, fashion choices and self-confidence are also crucial. Some women would love to wear two-pieces, whereas others love to flaunt a flattering one-piece. If you like to buy a two-piece, bikinis are the perfect choice in curvy women’s swimwear collections. 

Women who love one-piece can try out the tankinis, which are coming back in style. However, the comfort and style of these two swimsuits vary. For instance, tankinis provide more freedom of movement but less support compared to other one-piece suits.

It will be easier for women to pick swimwear based on their body types. Check out the simple tips to choose the best style for curvy women.

Pear-shaped body type

Curvy women with pear or triangle-shaped bodies have small shoulders and busts, whereas legs and hips are bigger. Accentuating your upper body would be very helpful if you have a pear-shaped body. For instance, go for tankinis or one-pieces in vibrant colours that highlight your features in the upper body (shoulders).

Apple-shaped body type

Women with broad shoulders and chests but narrow hips and waists are considered to have an apple-shaped body type. This triangle-shaped is opposite to the pear-shaped body, which necessitates you to tag along with rules in reverse. Go for swimsuits that provide ultimate bust support. When it comes to style, women can consider V-necks, surplices or fully-printed swimsuits that flatter the bust.  

Hourglass shape

When it comes to an hourglass shape, the waistline is smaller than the chest and hips. Considered the ideal body shapes, people who have hourglass shapes can flaunt their favourite swimwear in style. However, women looking for plus size may find some problem areas they wish to hide. Select a swimwear that attracts your best features and also lurks problem areas. 

Round shape

Women with full shoulders and hips with round waists have round-shaped bodies. Invest in swimwear that makes your waist look slim. You can relish wearing vibrant colours and bold patterns. Go for baby-doll swimwear or surplices to enhance your beach look.

Rectangle shape

Women with rectangle-shaped bodies have the same measurements from shoulders to hip. It would be better to wear a swimsuit that creates a waistline and try wearing pieces that accentuate the shoulders. Moreover, plunging necklines can be an ideal choice.

Wrapping up

With countless options, women might feel overwhelmed to select one suitable swimwear. You can easily choose the right swimwear in the right store. Only a very few stores offer exclusive swimwear for curvy women. Ensure that you find the best stores to continue your online swimsuit shopping.



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