Horoscope: How To Read a Birth Chart!
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Horoscope: How To Read a Birth Chart!

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On social media like Instagram or Facebook, you surely do come across the memes of zodiac signs. But are those generally true? Some of them may bring out the truth about the sign. And they are there on social media for entertainment purposes only. When someone reads the horoscope from social media. It gives us the general idea of a sign. There is more to the horoscope than just reading about the zodiac signs. You can truly know your star’s position and their movements through your birth chart only. There is not a single birth chart that comes the same as the other person’s birth chart. Every birth chart here in the universe is unique. For reading the birth chart, one must know about the time, date, and location of their birth. If by any chance one doesn’t know anything related to their birth. You can always talk to a professional World famous astrologer in India who provides you with a natal chart rectification after asking you about your life’s details. For starters, while reading the horoscope in your birth chart. It will help if you put all the data related to your birth. Now you will see the 12 segments in the chart.  There are Sun, Moon, Rising sign, and each planet residing in the house and zodiac sign.

They are the 12 houses in your chart ruled by the 12 planets

Your birth chart shows you the position of the sun sign, moon, and other planets. The position is of when you were born in this world. Each position and the signs hold something about you which helps in reading your horoscope.  Also, check out the best software for your Kundli Matching. The moon reflects your emotional, inner self, your vulnerable side. The sun sign relates to your career. You can check the growth period and more by seeing in which house your sun is positioned. Now talking about the planets first comes mercury. It relates to your mind. It reveals your communication and thinking style. Venus co-relates to your love life. It describes what makes you happy. And to the opposite side of the love is your sex drive. Which is handled by the ruler of attraction – Mars. Saturn teaches you the lessons of discipline. It also handles the stability of your relationships. The planet Jupiter handles your abundance. Your birth chart, indicates where you will grow more. The planet Uranus spins on its side. It relates to all the connections with society. It shows you how you can accept every side of your personality. The creativity in your life is added by the planet Neptune. If the sun sign and the moon sign are near this planet, you can create your dream life on earth. The last planet is Pluto. This planet relates to the evolution and transformation throughout your life. You also have all the zodiac signs in your birth chart. Remember to look at which sign the planets are residing. This article will help you in reading your birth chart more efficiently. Happy reading!


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