Mathis family matters

Mathis family matters

Mathis family matters

Mathis family matters is a television reality-based family show. This show is based on the reality behind the camera. Judge Greg Mathis is a well-known tv host for years. The reality show is based on an African family lifestyle. Mathias Family is the longest-running tv show. Mathis family successfully enter its 24th season. Moreover, The series shows his private life events.

The Show follows the family matters of Judge Mathis, his wife Linda Mathis, and their four children. Their two children moved to Los Angeles to catch their dreams. Jade is 37 and Greg is. Jr is 33. The other two children are named Camera and Amir. The age of the camera is 34 and Amir is 31. They both are ready to catch their goals. Likewise, Mathis family matters show the reality of black families.

Family matters Judge Mathis:

The Mathis is a quite straightforward and tough judge. He is also a doting Dad and grandfather. He successfully indicates his funny character side by side showing life lessons. In addition, He is also quite famous for his generous work toward black society. In this show, family matters judge Mathis and express his legacy. This tv show airs on channel E! Every Sunday.

Well, there are a lot of tv shows offered to judge Mathis before Mathis’s family matters. But he didn’t sign those projects. But his son Amir who is already started his career as a producer. He discussed the show with his family. And the family agreed to his decision. Apart from this, All the family members thought that would never happen. But Judge Mathis encouraged him. He worked hard and proved himself.

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Mathis family matters happened due to Amir’s hard work. All the family members signed the project. As Amir is the youngest of the family. And nobody says no to his decision. So, this is how Judge Mathis’s family show started. The show started when all the family members united after so long in Los Angeles. Furthermore, All four children are well-established. And living their life successfully.

Judge Mathis’s kids:

The oldest child of the family is Jade and her age is 37. She works as an attorney. Jade is also a social speaker. The second born of the family is Camara. She is a mother, wife, and working woman. Camara works as an entertainment attorney. And lives in Los Angeles with her family. The third-born child of the family is Greg. Jr., He worked as a political worker. Greg. Jr lives in Washington and his age is 33.

The fourth born is Amir. Who started his work as a producer in the entertainment industry. Amir also lives in Los Angeles. In Mathis’s family matters, Mathis works in a tv courtroom. And guiding others about how to direct a family. He gives a bunch of advice like other typical dads of the county. Family matters Judge Mathis wants to deliver his point of view to the audience.

Elaboration of Judge Mathis’s family show:

The Mathis tv show starts with the long-time relationship with Greg. Jr. is in a gay relationship with Elliot Cooper. They are partners in real estate and also in real life. Both never appear as a couple in public. So this show allows them to reveal their relationship. Also, it depicts African gay relationships to viewers. Greg. Jr says that it is quite depressing to live as a gay couple in society.

In Mathis family matters, Greg. Jr adds that sometimes it feels like people welcomed us. Sometimes it looks like no one accepts us. People pass hate comments on us. So this show gives us a chance to show our true selves in a judgmental society. Jade also adds that after having severe mental health. She advocates for those who are facing the same hurdles in their life. Moreover, In 2016 Jade catches the attention of the public.

In this show, the Mathis family represents how African family can manage their household. The problems they face and how they overcome their hurdles. They give others live examples of different matters. Mathis family matters are one of the most trending reality show. Judge Mathis’s new show includes court nightlife. Moreover, It is also a courtroom series. The other show featuring Mathis is Mathis Court with a judge.