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Cloud Of Daggers 5e

Spelling Description:

You fill the air with daggers, rotating in 5-foot cubes on each side, focusing on the point you choose within the range. When a creature first enters the spell area at the turn or starts its turn there, it suffers 4d4 slashing damage.

At higher levels. When you cast this spell using a third level spell slot, the loss for each slot level above 2nd increases to 2d4.

Who Can Cast A Cloud Of Daggers 5e?

The Cloud of daggers 5e is on the list of Bard, Wizard, Warrior, and Wizard Spell. Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters will have to wait until Level 8 to get their first Level 2 spell slots before adding them to their stock.


What Is A Dagger Cloud?

Dagger Cloud is a second-rate magic spell that can be cast by all four, magicians, warriors and sorcerers. Magic allows them to summon a literal cloud of daggers 5e rotating in 5-foot cubes.


The cloud stays focus for 1 minute and harms any creature that first enters space or starts its turn there.

When And Where Should I Release The Dagger Cloud?

Effectively casting a dagger cloud is a difficult magic because its effect is so small. However, it can be use to control space. He packs a considerable amount of damage with space control.


However, magic can prevent your allies from passing through space. The cloud of daggers 5e does not distinguish allies from enemies. So take care of where you keep it to avoid putting it in a place that could hurt or hurt your allies.

Why Should I Take The Dagger Cloud?

Warlocks are most likely to choose Cloud of daggers 5e, as their magic list is much smaller than that of their Wizard and Warlock counterparts.


Bards can make the best use of spells, as they have the potential to do more harm than good, and they will be able to use the Cloud to control the space around them.


Dagger Cloud Alternatives

Blade barrier

Dagger Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

Dagger Cloud Magic Damage?

Yes, the Cloud is magic, so damage is considered a loss of magical reduction rather than loss of ordinary weapons.


Does A Cloud Of Daggers 5e Kill The Cast?

Yes! The dagger cloud is harmful when a creature is considered to be “going into space for the first time” and “being in space when cast” for the first time in space.


Does The Dagger Cloud Strike Twice?

The Cloud of daggers 5e will hit the first cast twice, once to the right when it casts and again when the creature that was thrown around will start to turn.


Can You Use Twin Spells In The Cloud Of Daggers 5e?

do not! Twin spells should be used on a spell that targets exactly one creature.

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