Kings cup rules used in king’s cup game

Kings cup rules used in king’s cup game

kings cup

Kings Cup rules are rules which are essential to play the game named Cup. The game is also known as the Circle of Death and Ring of Death. It doesn’t mean that it is some deadly game. Kings Cup is just an ancient drinking game that is followed some rules. A group of friends mostly play the game who don’t know each other well. So in this way, they get to know each other’s deepest secrets. In this way, people know the wild side of each other.

There are many kings’ rules which are modified over the passing years. But the old one is best and gives you more fun. The sure thing is the participant should be nicely drunk. Because mostly drunk people speak the truth and are honest. In this way, they get to know each other well. Most people know about modern King’s Cup rules. In this article, I’ve mentioned some classic and traditional rules of the game. These rules add more fun to the game.

Important Kings Rules:

To set the table for the game, all you need are four things. The four pieces of equipment include a table, a cup, alcohol, and a deck of cards. Likewise, the first step is to spread a deck of cards evenly, in the form of a chain. All the participants gather around the table. The larger the group, the larger the fun. So make sure some participants are more. There are different types of alcohol in the cups. Sometimes, the cup has a mixture of two or three alcohols.

The first rule to follow by participants is to pick the card by going in a clockwise direction. Each card in the king’s cup rules has some specific action. And that action leads us to the next step. Try not to break the sequence of the cards. And if you break the sequence or chain of the cards. You have to chug the mixture present in the king’s cup. Make sure the mixture of the drink is not that pleasant. The chain doesn’t end the game. As the king rules game only ends when all the cards are used up.

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Kings cards rules:

The fun part of the King drinking game rules is its cards. All the actions are hidden as cards are placed upside down. There are 13 total kings cup rules. The first card is Ace. If you choose the Ace card, it means all the participants have to drink with you. You have to drink whatever the drink is. It may be wine, beer, vodka, spirit, and a mixture of all the drinks. The participant who chooses this card has full control. And drinking stops when the person wants it to stop.

The 2nd card is two. Which means you. It means you have to choose one or two people to chug two drinks. The third card shows three, which means me. So, this action means you have to drink your cup. The king’s cup rules Fourth card shows four drinks. It means all the ladies in the group gulp up their drinks. The other rule of four is 2 take and 2 give. This means you’ve to take 2 drinks and give 2 drinks.

Kings corner rules:

The fifth card of the king’s rules means bust-a-jive. It means that the person who picks up the card has to break a dance move. And the next person has to do the same dance move with an additional step. These actions continue until someone messes up with the dance step. And has to drink their cup. The six cards mean thumbs down. So, all the participants of the King’s Cup rules have to place their thumbs on the table. The last person has to gulp up the drink.

Kings card game rules include Jack, Queen, and King. The jack card means never have I ever. This card is one of the most exciting cards. It gives you a chance to know the secret of another person. The queen card is the second most powerful card. So, the person who picks this card has the crown and questioned the other person. They choose any 3 drinks at the table and mix them. And choose anyone to drink it. Moreover, the next card is King Card. The people who pick it up make kings cup rules.