Want To Be A Successful Employer? Here is How Employee Monitoring Software can help

Want To Be A Successful Employer? Here is How Employee Monitoring Software can help


Remember the time when independence and adulting was the thing we were the envy of. We all wanted to grow up, go to work, earn money, spend money and so on. Look what happened. When all this is happening in the present are you happy. Is this all according to what you have dreamed of about your future? Well, surely it was not that difficult in our imaginations and dreams. Now to earn money you have to go to work and work hard. It is a simple phenomenon. Goals and dreams that were so easy in childhood, I think now maybe let’s just put them into the dream box category for forever, or else if you are hopelessly positive then let’s just say that it will take some time.

Work-life is hard for many of us. Spending 9 to 5 in a place full of unexpected people is a tough thing. You can’t just assume that if you are honest with them they will do the same for you as well. Thus those who think like this go through the phase of betrayal disappointment and sometimes big loss. So what do to avoid all this and much more. We are here to share with you some tips that can help you gain the lost tempo and success in your work life. A good employee monitoring software can do wonders for you. All you need to do is select wisely. OgyMogy is the app that we have chosen for you.

Why OgyMogy?

Now if you are a rebel like me then the first thing that must have come into your mind will be why OgyMogy. The answer is very simple you can do your research and choose any other one for yourself. But first, let me just point out a few of the offered features

  • The app support multiple platforms like you can keep an eye on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop of the employees
  • Android, Mac and Windows all the operating systems are covered by the app.
  • You can renew your license remotely which means no more hassle for relicensing.
  • You can even use a single license for more than one kind of platform
  • Three different kinds of a bundle based on timeframe and cost are offered by the OgyMogy spy app.

Save the Time

Time is money, we all know that then why some people waste others time along with their own. OgyMogy spy app for android makes sure that no employee wastes official hours in any kind of useless activity. The screen recording feature will keep them on alert as the employer can visit the screen of any employee at any given time. The features also saved the screen activity in the form of short videos and screenshots.

Professionally Deal with Sloppy Workers

With all the activities saved with timestamp information, you can track all the sloppy employees within no time. Check the individual activity and time spent on any project and share the proof in the form of screenshots. 

Bye to useless Browsing

The track internet browsing g history feature makes it very easy to know about the online activities of the employees. You can know what kind of content are they visiting during office hours and even block the useless content as well. Web filtering feature makes it easy for employers to block sports, entertainment or any site not related to work. 

Track the Social Media Butterflies

Track social media usage of employees with dozens of social media monitoring features. 

Ensure Data Safety

Features like email monitoring, keystroke logging and more all make it very easy for the user to ensure data safety. One can not only track but catch any spy in action with the help of the offered features. 

Employee Monitoring software no doubt is the need of an hour. OgyMogy offer all the necessary features that can help an employer do their job more professionally. Last but not least make sure you install the app on company-owned devices only. As the use of employee monitoring apps is legal only in that case. Install the app when you have physical access and make your work life easier and stress-free. 


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