Promises you need to make to your skin right NOW

Promises you need to make to your skin right NOW

Everyone wants a beautiful skin; a flawless complexion that is not touched by the signs of aging, skin that does not break out, pores that cease to exist, peach fuzz that is invisible to the naked eye. But how have you been treating your skin?

When was the last time that you actually cared for your skin? When did you take steps to ensure that your skin remains healthy, and no, it does not require expensive treatments at the salon? 

Our skin reflects the state of our health. While we desire the perfect skin, our actions fall short, at times, woefully short. Therefore, if you want to have healthy and beautiful skin, you too must do your part. Some promises that you should be making to your skin include:

Visiting the doctor for treatment

If you have some skin problem, you must visit your Skin doctor in Karachi, rather than being lazy about dealing with the issue. Delaying the treatment cannot only cause you undue stress, but it’s also unfair to your skin to be treated this way. 

Have a solid skincare routine 

No one is asking you to have a 30-step skincare regimen; naturally, it will be super hard to follow through. Instead, keep the skincare routine simple, so that you can consistently do it. Think long-term when it comes to the health of your skin. 

Moisturizer is your best friend

You also need to promise your skin that you will make a good quality moisture your best friend. 

A good moisturizer helps in hydrating your skin, so it makes it look youthful. It also improves the texture of the skin. Dry and dehydrated skin is more likely to face premature aging. Moisturizer also is important for conditions like eczema that are exacerbated by dryness. 

So, make sure that you use it twice every day, once in the morning, once in the night, in the very least. 

Stop tanning practices 

It’s pertinent that you promise your skin that you will not partake in tanning practices, whether it be sitting out in the sun or using tanning beds, both are bad for your skin. 

They not only promote premature aging, but the radiations therein also cause hyperpigmentation alongside increasing the risk of skin cancer. Hence, treat your skin kindly and abandon these harmful practices. 

Sunscreen is not an option 

Whether it be summers or winters, overcast or shiny-bright day, you must not forget to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is vital for protecting against the harmful radiations of the sun, which can otherwise cause hyperpigmentation, wrinkle formation, skin tags etc. 

Hence, invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Apply it around 30 minutes before exposure to sun, and then reapply after every two hours. 

Wash your face, no matter what

Having a good cleansing routine is not optional. No matter how late you are running in the day, or how tired you are at night, you must first clean your face. 

If you are wearing makeup, first remove it with a proper makeup remover, which is made to also remove the oil-based makeup and more stubborn makeup, and then clean using a facewash or a cleanser. 

Use good quality products 

Promise your skin that you will only use good quality products, whether they be pertaining to beauty or skincare. When we compromise on the quality of the products, we then expose our skin to chemicals that harm its health. Often, the damage done is gradual, so we don’t realize it until after it is too late. 

Moreover, also keep up with the expiration date of the products; don’t use them beyond their suggested shelf life.  

Invest in retinol 

Retinol, and its friend, retinoids are helpful in moderating acne, and preventing the signs of aging.  These ensure that you have youthful looking, beautiful skin. However, to use retinoids, you will be needing a prescription from Dermatologists in Lahore.

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