Software is eating away at the world. With so much going on in the world of software development, it’s time for software companies to take responsibility and snowcloud the ladder of digital transformation. With DevOps being the center of attraction today, every business wants to embrace it and move on. But DevOps is not easy, legacy companies sometimes find it difficult, while technology startups do not have enough funds to invest in the necessary infrastructure and resources.

We all agree that Cloud and DOOPs are not about tools, but when we talk about today’s digital transformation, tools have somehow become the focal point. Cloud companies today are affecting the lives of developers in one way or another. Just as Jenkins became a real tool for CI / CD in DevOps, it has its own community and the developer is affected if anything changes in the tool.

When it comes to adopting new technology, some companies operate it safely while others move out of their comfort zone. Not all companies are ready to accept Cloud and DOOPs, but when they do, they trust and rely on the tools they trust. Recent DOOs and cloud acquisitions, such as the acquisition of Mariners’ Docker, GutHub’s acquisition of Microsoft, and Idera’s acquisition of Travis CI, have plunged the developer community into chaos.

We will discuss such acquisitions and their impact on the developer community here in today’s article.


The Snowcloud Business Landscape Is Changing

The cloud business is more competitive and more players appear every day. Consumers have many options, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to guess the right tools and technologies. Cloud companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with ever-changing technological advances such as AI, IoT, big data, etc. And the current players who have all the skills are giving the legacy companies a hard time.


Recent Cloud Business Acquisitions:

  • Microsoft acquires GitHub.
  • The Mariners got the docker.
  • IBM acquired RedHat.
  • Sales Force acquired Mulesoft.
  • VMware acquires important software.
  • SAP receives CallidusCloud.
  • Cisco acquired Duo Security.


Destiny Bold Supports: Microsoft

Microsoft has spent more than 1 9.1 billion with 20 deals and ended it with a huge GitHub deal.


Source Credit: Geekwire

Below is a chart showing Microsoft’s biggest deals to date,


Source Credit: Geekwire

Microsoft is leading the cloud war today, beating all the other big players like Amazon, SAP, IBM, and Google.


Credit Source: Cloud wars. Co

According to CB Insights, Microsoft has acquired more cloud companies than Amazon and Google to enrich the developer community.


Credit Source: Cb Insights

Not all acquisitions are created equal.

One important thing to note here is that acquisition does not necessarily mean winning. For example, despite the acquisition of many technology companies, snowcloud Google still lags behind its competitors in the cloud business, such as AWS, Microsoft, and Oracle.


Source Credit: The Washington Post

Sometimes it’s better to turn off certain tools when they don’t seem to be working anymore, and this is what happened with Snap CI from ThoughtWorks. According to ThoughtWorks, they failed to make an impact in their target market through Snap CI. He said he would continue his approach with consulting and another consistent delivery product, Go CD. Now, it is a wise decision to leave their own products/services when the brand’s reputation is at stake. This is what we call product cabling in terms of marketing.

An excellent example of a failure to achieve is the acquisition of Idera’s Travis CI. I hope you all remember that, while Idera got Travis CI, one of the most popular CI vendors in the software industry, confused, the whole snowcloud community went crazy. Idera, which is owned by TA Associates, a private equity firm, has nothing to do but maximize profits and eliminate products.

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