Panchang calendar Impacts Your Life

Panchang calendar Impacts Your Life

panchang calendar

Roshni was thinking of buying a new car for many weeks. But whenever she goes out to buy, she uses to get some other work. This is now becoming an everyday routine. Then she chooses to go for the Panchang calendar. It provided her with one of the best and most favorable times and dates. Due to this, she was able to get her new car.

Panchang is a Hindu calendar. Which contains all the information about the Hindu religion. You can get all the information about Indian festivals, fasts, and events.  From the Panchang calendar, you can also see small events like  Ekadashi, trayodashi, Purnima, Amavasya, solar and lunar eclipse, and many more. It can also provide you the favorable and unfavorable times. 

 Panchang is a source for gathering information about small to small events. It can tell you about the upcoming day. Due to this, you are able to plan your day accordingly. You are able to check your life. And about your partner’s life also. With Panchnag you can see whether you can live with your partner or not. 

You can also match the horoscope. With free horoscope prediction, you can predict your post-marriage life, compatibility, and check progeny. According to a Hindu Panchang, you can get a better vision of your life from it. The astrologer here calculates the planetary position. Tells you about your future and present. 

What does the panchang calendar tell about solar and lunar eclipses?

As per the panchang calendar 2022, there will be a total of 4 eclipses. Two will be solar and two lunar. The first eclipse falls on 30th April 2022. According to astrology, it’ll be a partial eclipse. Therefore sutak kaal will not have any effect. South/West America, Pacific Atlantic, and Antarctica will have the effect of this solar eclipse. 

There are certain things that must be avoided during the eclipse. The panchang calendar will provide you with all details about the solar eclipse. 

You can use the free panchang to see what to do or what you can avoid during solar eclipses. 

What you can do 

  • Chant the god name when the solar eclipse will start till its end to remove the negativity. 
  • To avoid the impurity of the food just put the basil leave in your food and drinks. 
  • Take a bath after adding gangajal in water after the eclipse end. Also, sprinkle it in your house. 
  • Donate something after the eclipse ends. 

What you should avoid according to the Panchang calendar during solar eclipses. 

  • Don’t look at the sun directly with naked eyes during the eclipse.
  • The electromagnetic radiation at that time can harm your skin and eyes. Therefore don’t go outside till the eclipse ends. 
  • Avoid eating, cooking, and drinking during eclipses. As in the absence of sunlight. The bacteria and viruses increase. 
  • Do not cut nails and hair.
  • Pregnant women should take special care. They should have fruit during the eclipse.
  • Pregnant women can keep coconut with them to avoid negativity. 

What is the difference between the panchang calendar and other calendars? 

We know that the Panchang calendar is a Hindu calendar. That gives us all small details about the different events, festivals, and fasts, telling us about auspicious and inauspicious times. You can plan your day accordingly. 

The western and Indian calendars differ in their framework. In the western calendar, the year is completed when the earth competes for its round around the sun. and it is based on the sun only. Whereas the Indian calendar is based on both the sun and moon. 

The new year fall in January according to the western calendar. 

The days are calculated according to the revolution of the earth around the sun in the western calendar. Whereas the days are calculated according to the moon revolution in the Panchang calendar

The no of days according to the western calendar is 30 or 31. But there are only 28 days in the Hindu calendar.

There are six seasons in the Hindu calendar but there are 4 seasons in the western calendar.



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