Host your Mobile App with VPS Hosting India

Host your Mobile App with VPS Hosting India

VPS Hosting India


As you all know, after the COVID-19, the installation of apps through desktop and mobile phones has been rapidly increasing. 

A study found that there were 112.7 million app users worldwide in 2018. In 2020, the number of app users increased to 139.4 million, and in 2021, this led to an increase up to 148 million.

In 2022, the number of app users is expected to up to 154.1 million. 

From the above data, you can conclude that there is always an increase in the rate of the number of app users in India. So, if you are thinking of creating a mobile app, then it is the correct time. Moreover, you can quickly grow your website by choosing the best web hosting platform. 

The best web hosting platform for your mobile app is the VPS Hosting India which provides you with all the features your app needs. 

VPS Server Hosting India provides a friendly environment, dedicated resources, easy up-gradation, and smooth functioning.

In the below section, you come to know the benefits of VPS Hosting for your app.

About VPS Hosting India

VPS Hosting India provides the space to host the website for any business. In another sense, it is possible to say that the physical server is divided into several servers. Furthermore, then each sub server has its unique resources and environment. 

You think that it is somewhat like shared hosting. But, that’s not true, and it is completely different from shared hosting. As you all know, the ”virtual” word means that it does not physically exist, but it provides a private and secured environment for your website. So, it can be said that you get the features of shared hosting in the VPS Server. 

In the shared hosting, if any website faces any issue, the whole server will not be able to work as it is sharing the resources with all the websites. But in VPS India, you do not face any issues as your website resources are yours.

Types of VPS Hosting India

Based on administration or management, VPS Hosting India is divided into two parts, i.e., Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting. 

Managed VPS Hosting

As the name signifies, the word ”Managed” means that you get everything managed according to your demands. 

You can choose Managed VPS Hosting if don’t have the technical knowledge or don’t want to waste time managing the server. Therefore, Managed VPS India is the primary choice for you. It needs a one-time investment, but it gives you a lot of benefits, and it also saves your time. As you all know, time is money. 

So, you can save your money by choosing the Managed VPS Server. 

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

As the name signifies, the word ”Unmanaged” means that you have to manage according to your needs. 

It’s not worth spending money on managing the server if you have a limited budget. Managing the server is not a difficult task. You need some technical skills in managing the server, and you have complete access to your server. Also, you don’t need to share your data or resources with anyone. 

Benefits of VPS Web Server for your Mobile Apps 

Best VPS Hosting India Server

Immediate Response

You can access the mobile app on Android, iPhone, blackberry, etc. To access the website on any device, you need an immediate server response. 

Therefore, you can choose VPS Hosting India as your web hosting platform to get an immediate server response for your website. 


As you all know, upgradation in an app or website is very necessary. If you upgrade your app time-to-time. It means that you also deal with the latest technology. 

Upgrading the website time-to-time means you are upgrading your server time-to-time. You can upgrade the server resources whenever your website demands, and you can upgrade your website anytime as it does not takes much time.

Time and Cost

As everyone knows, hosting a Mobile app saves time and cost. With the Best VPS Hosting India, you can save time and expense as it provides the best features that increase your traffic. Also, it is available in cheap plans and packages, which means it saves the cost.

Brief About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

You are thinking about who gives the best services with Cheap VPS Hosting India plans and packages. 

In the business market, Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the foremost and most renowned hosting provider. They deal with the latest technology to accomplish breakneck software speed. They also ensure their clients get the best server sustainability with their exclusive prices. 

Serverwala provides you with both types of hosting, Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting, with their best plans and packages. 

Suppose you need the reasons for trusting the Serverwala data center. Then, there are various reasons for trusting them.

  • The first and foremost reason for trusting them is they provide the VPS hosting all over 21+ Countries. It signifies that they want to give their clients the best services. If you desire a specific traffic pattern, you can adjust your location accordingly.
  • They also have 56+ Worldwide data centers, which describe that you can connect them anywhere according to your site.
  • Another reason you can consider is that they have already solved 1M+ client requests. And their clients are very much happy with their services.
  • Any user who first uses their services always turns into a long-term customer. Because they provide the best benefits with the Cheap plans and packages. 

Final Words

With Serverwala’s VPS Hosting India, you are provided with a private environment and dedicated resources that help in accelerating your mobile app. 

So, if you buy the VPS Server Hosting India, you get an increase in your traffic rate, which describes the increase in your website’s session time and click-through rate. 

Serverwala provides 99.90% uptime with zero downtime. Uptime means that your website is always available live online.  



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