Everything You Need to Know About EMOM Workouts

Everything You Need to Know About EMOM Workouts


Maybe you have been working with personal trainers in Toronto and heard them talking about EMOM and are wondering what it is. Well, EMOM means “every minute on the minute. You can use this style of working out when you start several reps of an exercise at the top of that minute.

Then you rest for the time left until you reach the next top minute. It is one powerful way to work fast and rest. With EMOM, you remain focused, and it helps with pacing and tracking your progress. But, still, there is more when it comes to EMOM workouts.

  1. EMOM Workouts are Short

Your workouts are 10 to 20 minutes long but can be shorter or even longer. When you work with a personal trainer, they design your exercise and reps according to your needs allowing you to rest before the next minute strikes. For example, working on a specific skill or strength can be the same exercise. Alternatively, it can alternate doing one exercise on that odd minute and another on the even minute.

  1. You Pace to the Point

With EMOM, it is not fast-paced all the time as you get to rest in between your workouts. Moreover, the personal trainer can measure your rest in between your reps. If you only do a few reps like heavy lifting or a full-body plyometric move, it helps keep you in good form.

  1. Helps with Strength Training

The great thing about EMOM is that it gives you an overall mental focus and helps with strength training in one lift or a few courtesy ones. For example, you can keep things simple by doing three deadlifts with only 75% of one RM for about ten minutes. Alternatively, you can do a single power jerk plus a power clean at 75% of that one RM with another ten minutes. It helps to test your strength.

  1. EMOM Helps With Skill Development

You need to concentrate on improving your technique and other skills with heavy lifting. So, your muscle-ups, handstand walks for a distance, or double-unders become trickier. Hence, you can keep things simple when doing a superset using a more dynamic skill with your isometric hold using EMOM for 20 minutes. You can do a max-hold L-sit on those odd minutes, while on the even minutes, you do 40 double-under.

  1. You Get Metabolic Conditioning Benefits

EMOM provides intense recovery periods and makes it an excellent choice to help spark your post-exercise calorie burn. For instance, you can do 12 minutes of EMOM, and on that odd minute, you can row, run, or bike for 30 seconds to record your total meters. Then you can do 15 wall balls on that even minute.

EMOM Tracks Progress

Another fantastic thing is that you can do EMOM with a personal trainer at home. They will take notes as EMOM will show how you are improving to reach your goals. For instance, if you work on squats, you can do ten minutes of EMOM doing eight squats.

At first, it might take you 45 seconds to complete each one. So, you have 15 seconds to help catch your breath. When you do this once a week, you will soon notice that you are finishing them faster and can add more weight to that first session.



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