ASG Recovers – Actually Called Back & This Is What Happened

ASG Recovers – Actually Called Back & This Is What Happened

ASG Recovers - Actually Called Back & This Is What Happened

I kept getting the infamous call from Tammy about the 10% settlement on my tax form. On voicemail, they gave a name spoken by a robot addressing Dennis S. (just to hide the last name if the person is real). Since I’m not Dennis S. but I had received several threatening messages from him, which seemed quite serious and I didn’t want Dennis to get in trouble (if it was legit), I told him so. I called the indicated number, they are calling the wrong person. This is what happened:

I call the number and am greeted with “on hold” music. The type of music was a strange choice – if I’m honest, it sounds more like pr0n music, with a somewhat “urban” vibe, vaguely hip-hop. But whatever, the area code was on the eastern side of the state, near Philadelphia, so I thought maybe they felt it would fit the place better.

Eventually, a human woman answered. In fact, she looked like Tammy, but I couldn’t be sure if she was, because she never gave me his name. From the start, she looked a bit angry, but I informed her anyway that she was receiving messages from the number asking to be called back from someone other than me. .

I told him the boy’s name and that I had the “reference number” that I had been given in the message, thinking that they might need it to look up information about the boy. He never asked. He just said, “Aren’t you Denise S?” To which I replied that he wasn’t and that I didn’t even know anyone by that name. “He just said ‘Okay, we apologize for the call and we’ll take her number off the list.'”

Expecting some questions to confirm that I wasn’t Dennis S., if only to actually find the information in the file to change it, I was a bit surprised when he said something. Despite threatening this guy to tell him they’re going to his workplace, you’d think he’d want to believe more that he wasn’t lying. They weren’t interested. I also thought it was weird that he was describing what Dennis called “a list.”

At that time, it seemed that he wanted to call. Despite thinking it was all a lot of fun, me, feeling bad for the Dennis guy who had mistakenly gotten it but threatened to ask for it multiple times, rushed over and said, “Anyway, I just wanted to call you back because your messages seemed serious.” I didn’t call back right away because I thought you might be a scam, but you seemed serious and I don’t want to get Dennis in trouble.”

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After hearing this, he said for a moment, turning to face up, “Well…” followed by an awkward silence. I said, “Okay, thanks.” He said, “Yeah, well, bye.”

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Very strange call. I think this is a scam and based on the other comments here it seems my suspicions were correct. Unfortunately, even though she said she would take my number off the “list”, today I received another threatening number, except this time there was no name on it. I decided to go to her website, where I found out that you can use your phone number to verify your account. Since they obviously already had a number, I, out of curiosity, entered it. The name page directed me to an earl who said my name was “Dennis S”. At the bottom there was a button that said something like “If you’re not this person, follow the link” so I clicked on it. A box appeared asking me to enter my number along with my name and email. Why would they need this information? They think they want me to give it to them so they can replace their robotic voice with my name on future calls.


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