Artificial Intelligence: The Impending Future of Mankind

Artificial Intelligence: The Impending Future of Mankind

artificial intelligence

The digital revolution has managed to alter the way people live, work, and interact. These
technologies are generating novel hurdles for citizens and governments across the globe.
Election interference to data security breaches and cyber-attacks shown that technology is
fluctuating our thought process regarding privacy and national protection. According to the
projections published by Fortune Business Insights™, the global market for artificial intelligence
stood at USD 35.92 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow from USD 47.47 billion in 2021 to
USD 360.36 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 33.6% during the forecast period.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be found in day-to-day errands, without which performing tasks
could be inconvenient. From voice assistants in mobile phones to autonomous vehicles, this
technology is evolving promptly. Whereas, science fiction frequently showcases AI as robots
with man-like features, this can cover everything from Watson to autonomous weapons by IBM
to Google’s SEO algorithms.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Hazardous

Most researchers settle on the fact that super-intelligent AI is questionable to display various
human emotions such as affection or hatred and that there is no cause to presume AI to
become deliberately compassionate or unkind. As an alternative, when bearing in mind how AI
is possible to become a matter of threat, subject professionals seem to think two most possible

AI is preset to perform in a devastating way. Autonomous weapons are artificial intelligence
systems, which are planned to destroy. These weapons possess the ability to easily trigger mass
execution if they fall in the wrong hands.

AI is programmed to perform beneficial tasks, but it creates a damaging technique for
accomplishing its objective. This can happen if ever humans fail to completely line up the AI’s
motives with ours, which is outstandingly challenging.

Google LLC, Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Amazon, Inc., Meta Platforms, Inc., IBM
Corporation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, and
OpenAI, LLC are the top 10 pioneers in their respective fields.

Digital life is amplifying human competencies and interrupting eons-old human activities. Code-
driven systems have spread to over half of the world’s populations in ambient information and
connectivity, offering formerly unthinkable prospects and unparalleled jeopardies. As
developing algorithm-driven artificial intelligence endures to grow, will people be better off
than they are today?

Future of Artificial Intelligence: Evolution of AI in the Coming Years

AI has developed substantially since its arrival and remains to develop more powerfully.
Developing deployment in robotics, factory automation, autonomous vehicles, and smart
healthcare offers massive prospects to advance and deploy novel technologies empowered by
AI. As more companies are consciously acknowledging the prominence of AI, the number of
developers and service providers of this technology has begun to rise steeply. Over the last
decade, numerous start-ups have risen globally, consequently escalating competition in the
market. With promptly developing AI novelties, the industry is anticipated to commence a
prompt growth and technology revolution over the next few years.

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