SEO is essential for business

Improving the website, including publications, for businesses operating sbxhrl in any industry means increasing your visibility on Google and attracting more qualified traffic to the site.

Here are suggestions on how to improve your blog, with the goal of ensuring that all posts compete for the first-page position on Google.

Let’s get started!


# 1 Reduce The Time It Takes To Write A Post In Half Using The AI ​​SEO Tool

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools applied to SEO, such as Clearscope and SurferSEO, suggest titles to be included in your posts so that in addition to saving time in writing, they can compete for rankings on the first page of Google. Can

I really invite you to deepen your knowledge of these types of tools and consider their adoption in your professional reality. 🙂

# 2 When choosing keywords, do not use the search volume of a single phrase as your standard.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing a blog is to use the search volume of a single sentence to identify keywords in order to select articles.

This metric should only be used for paid advertising, but it is not an accurate measure of the traffic you receive.

One of the keyword research tools that can give you an accurate estimate of traffic sbxhrl is Ahrefs Traffic Potential.


# 3 Create Original Research Posts From Survey Results

Original research papers get unsolicited backlinks.

An easy way to generate real data and statistics is to identify the Facebook groups in your location and post-survey.

The answers obtained in the survey can serve as the basis for a later post.


# 4 Interview On Podcasts To Create Standard Backlinks

Backlinks to a blog can be created in a variety of ways, including a podcast interview.

The links, in fact, usually appear on the Notes page of the episode in question.

So one piece of advice I can give you is to get out of your comfort zone and, if appropriate, come to your sub-area for a podcast interview.

Most podcast hosts need to complete their editorial plan so that your app can be viewed in a very positive way. 🙂


# 5 Write Posts About The Most Searched Passive Backlink Statistics

Journalists referring to specific statistics or statistics often include a backlink to their source in articles, but stop at the headlines that have the most data available (such as “Top 50 Latest” The latest bitcoin statistics “).

So I suggest doing some keyword research in your area to get the most searched statistics sbxhrl.

Once you have identified the most popular statistics, I suggest that you write posts that contain additional data that spreads over the quantity/quality of data.


# 6 Use Terms That Are Compatible With Google In The Title Of Your Posts

When you run an SEO AI report through a tool like SurferSEO, it will give you the words you want to see in the Google title.

This will allow you to create the perfect post title for high clickthrough rates (CTRs) for specific keywords or phrases.


# 7 Use A Specific Front Modifier In The Title Of Your Post

An editor with a strategy at the beginning of the title, such as “Better” or “Maximum,” can increase the article’s ranking from # 3 to # 1.

Different topics and areas of interest use editors. For example, food bloggers, who derive more than 90% of their traffic from recipe posts, use terms like “easy”, “best”, “homely” and “simple” as editors of their articles. can. For example, “The easiest baked pasta recipe you can find online”).


# 8 Study Your Competitors

Before you post a list of things to do, you should take a look at the competitors on the front page of Google.

If a title has the highest number of 15, consider making a list with 25 points.

This will increase the CTR and make your posts higher than the low-numbered posts in the title.


# 9 Make Sure The Title Of Your Post Does Not Exceed 60 Characters

The latest sbxhrl tool found that Google rewrites titles with 60 characters, 57% more than 60 characters or less.


# 10 Use Parentheses With Current Year At The End Of Each Post Title

Google search engines want recent content.

Posts that have the current year in the title get more clicks than those that don’t. Using square brackets increases the rate. 38% of clicks.

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