What are some of the most light snacks, that you can enjoy, while binge watching your favourite movies

What are some of the most light snacks, that you can enjoy, while binge watching your favourite movies

When we hear about binge watching and snacking, the first name that comes to our minds is that if Kiwi Foods. They’re one of the best snack manufacturers of India and are known to manufacture some of the most favourite snacks that the country loves. One of them is fun pop. For decades now, Kiwi Foods have been the fun pop manufacturer in India. So, let’s see how snacking and munching together go hand in hand and what are some of the favourite snacks that you can enjoy while binge watching.

Have you ever thought about what an ideal weekend looks like ? Well, for me and many others it’s all about munching on your favourite snacks, while binge watching your favourite movies. Over the past few years, the demand for video services has increased many times. And, therefore there has been a huge fan following of apps like Amazon, Netflix, voot etc. For many of us doing this activity is actually a way to relax ourselves and turn our brain off. We get a lot of pleasure while munching on our favourite snacks, while watching our favourite movies. Now, the scientific reason behind this is that both our favourite snacks and binge watching our favourite snacks simultaneously results into a quick hit of dopamine, which is also known as the pleasure chemical.

Another aspect of this combination is also that it is a cultural thing. This means that in some parts of the world, food is so complex that people combine it with their favourite movies or shoes and go on guilty pleasure trips. This may not be the same for some other culture or other country in the world. In parts of the world where snacking and binge watching are done together, people believe that while snacking they can also catch up on their favourite movies.

There is another very interesting concept behind this. For people, who have strict parents and therefore strict rules of getting food only on the table, such people are less likely to develop the habit of binge watching and snacking. However, if your childhood rules allowed you to watch your favourite movies while enjoying popcorn or fun pop, then yes the habit will remain with you for the rest of your life. Also it’s a complete myth that while binge watching your favourite movies, you will only munch on unhealthy snacks. You can also choose some healthy and yummy snacks ,for your binge watching time. Few of them are listed below.

Some of the most popular snacks that you can enjoy while binge watching your favourite movies are:-

  • Fun pop tangy masala
  • Tana tan
  • Fun scoops
  • Fun pop pasta
  • Woogly
  • Fun pop pudina masala
  • Tana tan tangy masala
  • Fun pop pasta
  • Fun pop khatta meetha
  • Fun Alphabets
  • Fun pop chilly tomato
  • Fun pop chow mein.

The above mentioned snacks by Kiwi foods are not only yummy in taste, but are also very healthy. So, even if you keep on switching from one packet of fun pop to another, don’t worry you are absolutely in safe hands. Kiwi foods are known country wide as the best fun pop manufacturer in India. They have been the best fun pop manufacturer in India since decades now. All thanks to their ethical ways if innovation and product manufacturing that they are able to produce more and more better and tangy flavours of all their snacks.


Kiwi foods are the Fun pop manufacturer in India. They have been in the FMCG industry for over many decades now and are mostly known for manufacturing yummy and healthy snacks.


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