Value addition in water – naturally carbonated water supplier business and more

Value addition in water – naturally carbonated water supplier business and more

Value addition means taking a raw food item or fresh produce and transforming it into a high-end product. The same goes for beverages and other products falling under the umbrella of the food and beverage industry. Further, market players are focusing on innovation and new product development to compete. So, several natural water bottle supplier business owners are foraying to bring unique products such as flavor water. 

Why flavored water? 

Functional foods and beverages are gaining much attention these days. Fruit-infused or flavored water is one of them. Millennials and Gen Zs are the primary target group as they are the age groups most likely to spend their money on them. People with conditions such as lactose intolerance and GMO allergies also find these products suitable for themselves. So, there is a decently large consumer base for flavored or infused water, naturally carbonated water supplier businesses, and other functional beverages. 

However, some challenges exist for businesses. One of them is the easy manufacturing process. It may be a good thing that the process is simple and profitable. However, it means people can do the same at home, decreasing the need for purchasing it from the shelves. Again on the flip side, the purchasing power of Millennials and Gen Zs is increasing. The busy lifestyle also leads to finding solace in store-bought products. 

So, manufacturers can consider the following tips for a steadfast natural water bottle supplier and functional beverages business. 

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Metal cans 

Businesses these days are trying to strive toward sustainability as they undertake environment-friendly practices. Though plastic cups or bottles are more profitable for beverage manufacturing, metal cans have more potential of being recycled. So, making the switch can be a great move if marketed cleverly. Customers these days are more cautious than ever about their choices. Including the environment in the business priority list helps in the long run. 

Change with the season 

On observing the sales of the top players, it seems that spring and summer are the peak seasons for the sale of infused water. And it makes sense because these products are great for staying hydrated and are enjoyable. Sales are decent round the year, but these two seasons see a steep peak in demand. So, cashing in on the seasonal opportunity is a smart business move. 

For summer, some brands also offer limited-edition or season-special flavors such as berries, citrus, mint-cucumber, etc. Such flavors appeal more as they are appropriate and customers feel connected.

Combinations and premium products 

With more and more brands expanding their product line to this segment, the competition is fierce. Many naturally carbonated water supplier manufacturers are exploring this product category. Many MNCs are also stepping their feet in the market. So, distinguishing one business from another is getting hard. One way to do so is by rolling out unique flavors that act as a brand identity. Some manufacturers bring combined flavors, while others create premium flavors that resonate with specific groups. 

So, with these business practices, owners can work on differentiating themselves and standing out from the competitors. 

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