Ultimate home remedies to treat lip fungal infection
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Ultimate home remedies to treat lip fungal infection

Almost 90% of the population gets affected with the lip infection at least once in their lifetime. These infections arise due to many reasons including lower immunity, cancer, irregular glucose level and others. When you have white spots on your tongue or towards your cheeks, it is something you wanted to deal with immediately. The oral candidiasis is responsible for the oral thrush and although we need not worry or get concern about this for few days on the onset, it keeps us uncomforting. 

What you are experiencing over the mouth or inside is the outgrowth of the yeast infection. The most common oral thrush or lip fungal infection can be treated using the cream for lip infection and other ointments available in the store. 

Here in this article, we will let you know few home remedies you might try to get rid of this fungal infection:

Baking soda

The oral thrush onset can be quite annoying and using the baking soda on the infected surface is a best instant remedy when you are at home. Washing and goggling the mouth with the baking soda might alleviate the lip infection, and this won’t harm you in any way. 

Treating and rinsing with honey

Honey is well known to treat any kind of lip and mouth fungal infection. When you are suffering from mouth infection on the lips or inside mouth, rinsing with the honey will help you to eliminate this fungus at ease. The hydrogenperoxide in the honey will kill the microorganisms and other fungal growth on the infection there by reducing its growth slowly. 

Washing with extract of neem leaves

From olden days, neem leaves are used for many healing problems including the lip fungal infection, mouth infection, and other skin infections. Due to the presence anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, the neem leaves extract will help in reducing the lip fungal infection at ease. This is the best home remedy as you can find these leaves almost everywhere around your house and the extract is known for its best detoxifying property. 

Applying turmeric paste

Another best home remedy to treat the lip fungal infection is that you can apply turmeric paste on the infection. If you wanted to heal the lip infection and other wounds, applying turmeric on the infection is the best home remedy. When you have lip fungal infection, try not to close or cover your mouth with the clothes as it might make the situation even worse. 

Applying garlic extract or plain garlic

Applying the extract of garlic on the lip will reduce infection and provides you a great relief. All you need to do is to mix garlic paste with coconut oil, apply on the wound area and leave it for few hours. With the antifungal and antibiotic properties, it helps to heal the infection. The lipsantifungal cream contains the compounds present in the garlic and so using these can alleviate the infection at ease. 


With the above home remedies, you can now get rid of the fungal infection. 

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