Types of Roofing on ResCorp Commercial Roofing
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Types of Roofing on ResCorp Commercial Roofing


There are several types of roofing for a business. These include Built-up roofing, Modified bitumen, and Composite shingles. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to know your roof type. For a comprehensive assessment, contact a company that specializes in commercial roofing.

Built-up roofing

ResCorp Commercial Roofing is a family-owned business with decades of experience in the industry. They offer comprehensive assessments of roof systems of all types. They also handle insurance claims. They provide a wide range of roofing services, including repair and complete replacement. They are an affordable alternative to total roof replacement.

This roof is easy to apply and comes in two basic types: Ply IV (4) and Ply VI (6) asphalt-impregnated roofing felts. The latter is reinforced with a glass fiber mat. It is then applied in several layers and covered with hot asphalt. This type of roofing offers minimal maintenance, UV and fire protection, and can be easily applied.

Roofing contractors can install ResCorp commercial roofing in three ways: ballasting, adhesion, and fastening. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. The best method for a particular project depends on the building type, amount of materials needed, and time commitment.


If you’re planning to install a new roof for your business, you may want to consider slate for its durability and beauty. A slate roof can last up to a hundred years, so you’ll get a great return on your investment. Although this type of roofing is pricey, it’s also sustainable and eco-friendly.

ResCorp Commercial Roofing Georgia offers several different roofing systems to cover commercial and residential buildings. You can choose from asphalt shingles, slate, or architectural tile, depending on the size and style of your building. Generally, flat roofs are more common in commercial buildings. The process of installing these roof systems is quick and easy.

Composite shingles

Composite shingles are made of a polymer or rubber material and mimic the appearance of natural shingles. They are fire-resistant and can last for 50 years or longer. Compared to asphalt and wood shingles, composite shingles require little maintenance. Some types even offer extra defense against moisture.

Composite shingles are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. In contrast, slate roofs are highly luxurious. They are made from material mined in Italy and are cut into square tiles. These tiles must be installed one at a time.

Choosing the suitable roofing material for your property can be a complex process. There are many choices and materials, each with pros and cons. In addition to being affordable, composition shingles can increase curb appeal and property value. The type of shingles used will determine the durability of the roof. The most common shingles are asphalt, wood shingles, composite shingles, metal roofs, and composite shingles.


Another benefit of Georgia Commercial Roofing is that it can be applied over your existing roof without causing any disruption to the building’s interior. The company is licensed and bonded and uses industry-standard roofing materials. Moreover, since the company is family-owned, you can count on their service quality and expertise. They are also committed to giving back to the community.

Composite shingles are a relatively new addition to the roofing industry. Also called synthetic roof shingles, composite shingles are made of recycled materials. Some are designed to resemble natural slate or cedar shake roofing. However, they are significantly heavier and more expensive than 3-tab shingles.


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