Top ways to earn money online while traveling
Freelance writing

Top ways to earn money online while traveling
Freelance writing

Writing is a skill that can acquire over time. If you think your writing has magic and grab attention, a freelance writing career is perfect for you. Many sites offer a job for a writer on a project-based. 

You can earn a decent amount of money to support your traveling. And the best part is you don’t have to be time-bound. You can complete the project at your convenience but before the deadline. So, no matter where you are, you will never be run out of money while traveling.

Freelance photography

We all love to click photos. But if you master this skill, it can generate a considerable amount of money with your photography skill. You only have to click the snaps of the places wherever you go and upload them on the stock photage websites to generate income. You will get paid for every photo selected for commercial use. 


Surprise? Don’t be. Investing is one of the ways of earning online. If you invest only 1 to 2% of your income on investment options, it can offer you an exciting return. You can choose one that seems convenient to you out of numerous options. Mutual funds, stock, bonds, SIPs, binary options trading are great ways to start. You can invest in binary options trading with IQ Option broker. To know more, you must go through the IQ Option review.

Travel Vlogging

Vlogging is the short term of video and blogging. You can shoot a video of your tour and upload it on Youtube or other social media platforms. Currently, travel vlogging is at its peak, and many are pursuing it as a full-time career. It is one of the best ways to earn money online while traveling. 

Travel influencer 

Many social media travel influencers generate passive income while traveling. All you have to do, shoot a short video of your tour or share your traveling experience and keep updating about your next traveling plan. In short, you have to build and keep engaging with the audience. Many big brands and organizations want to promote their products or services. On behalf of promoting the products, you can charge money.


Blogging is the most widespread way to earn money. If you are an expert on a particular topic, you must consider blogging as an alternative source of income. You only have to write a creative article, and it should be valuable to the followers. 

So, start blogging and monetize your site with a Google Adsense account. 

Sell digital products

Digital products mean which are not physical. It includes an ebook, templates, and many more. If you are good at writing, starting ebook selling is perfect for you. You have to write an ebook, set it up, upload it on an ebook-selling website and start making money. 

Teach online

Being an expert in a particular subject opens the way to teach online. You can teach anything, not necessarily a school or college subject. If you are good at painting, give them a lesson on the basics to start painting. If you are a native English speaker, start giving them English lessons. 

Creat online course

To create and sell the course online, you don’t have to be an expert in the skill. You can create video lectures in any niche, such as lessons on playing guitar, tips to improve handwriting or anything. People are willing to learn such a soft skill at a budget-friendly price. So, get a camera and start recording a course to earn passive income.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the booming business modules and encloses low risk. When you refer any product to your audience through your blog, social media handle, or videos, and if people purchase that product through your referral link. You can get paid for every successful sale through your reference. This module is mainly working on commission-based. 

Virtual assistant

Helping anyone virtually with their work may generate a decent amount for you. You can get paid for any job, such as relying on emails or managing day. You can work as virtual assistance all around the globe. Moreover, you can get paid in a different currency. Think about it.

Final thoughts

Now, earning while traveling is possible. All thanks to the internet. Many people are willing to travel and want to support their traveling journey financially. This list will surely be beneficial for many. Well, that’s not the end. This list is endless. Many backpackers are earning through these ways, and you can try them too. 


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