Tips to Make Your Liver Healthy
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Tips to Make Your Liver Healthy

Liver Health

Your liver is a very important organ that works day and night in filtering out the blood and balancing the chemicals in the body. Drinking too much and the presence of too much fat on the liver can impact the function of the organ over time. A lot of people opt for an LFT Blood Test when they want to know about the health and overall condition of the liver.

Tests and checkups do help you in finding out the issues, but how to actually take care of the liver after it has been affected or damaged? Well, there are several ways to take care of the liver and avoid further damage. There are certain diseases and conditions that not only damage the liver but also impact other organs of the body.

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First, let’s see the initial symptoms that indicate liver damage. These can be,

  • Yellow skin and eyes
  • Persistent itching
  • Overall weakness
  • Extreme fatigue in the body
  • Drastic weight loss 
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Fluid retention

Healthy Ways to a Healthy Liver

The best way to fight liver diseases is by avoiding them. This can be avoided by trying out all the methods mentioned below. 

A Balanced Diet

It is very important to keep having a balanced diet. For that, you have to avoid the consumption of saturated fats, high calories foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugars.  It is essential to avoid foods like white bread, pasta, and white rice. Avoid the consumption of raw fish and undercooked steaks.

For the best diet options, make sure that you add the needed fiber to your diet. This can be obtained by eating fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, grains, and cereals.

It is also very important to eat meat but take meat in a very limited amount. Make sure to incorporate fats into your diet. This can be done by consumption of nuts, seeds, and oils. The right intake of water is also essential to keep the body hydrated. 

Regular Exercise

When a person exercises consistently in a routine, the effects are unbelievable. Exercise burns the triglycerides and can also reduce the fat that is extra on the liver.   

A Healthy Weight

If you are overweight or obese or at a borderline of getting fat, then the chances of having a fatty liver will be increased. This can save you from getting affected by fatty liver disease.

The proper maintenance of weight and weight loss can help a lot in reducing the liver fat that can increase the chances of liver ailments.

Stay Away from Toxins

The toxins present in the body can damage the liver cells. Avoid contact with toxins like additives, insecticides, and aerosol products. It is very important to use aerosol in a room that is ventilated and make sure that you cover your mouth and nose by using a mask. 

Toxins can also be avoided by staying away from smoking. 

Avoid Contaminated Needles

It is very important to stay away from the use of contaminated needles. Whenever you visit a hospital to get yourself vaccinated or if you are getting a procedure is done that involves sharp needles then make sure you keep a close eye on the needle when the practitioner is performing the procedure. 

Unsafe practices in hospitals where there is the use of contaminated needles are rare but still exist. 

In case of getting body tattoos and piercings, make sure there are clean needles used. 

Wash hands frequently

All of the issues regarding body hygiene start from having dirty hands. It is essential to keep the hands clean in order to stay away from any sort of contamination.

To wash your hands in a more effective manner, make sure that you use soap and a hand wash. It is also more helpful when there is warm water used to wash the hands. Make sure that the hands are clean while cooking and while consuming food. 

Get Your Vaccinations on Time

It is always encouraged to take the vaccinations for hepatitis A and B in order to keep the liver safe. However, as of now, there is no vaccination available for the Hepatitis C virus as yet. 

Make sure to get your children vaccinated before time. As these liver conditions if controlled from the start can help a lot in the future by protecting the liver and body against different diseases. 


The liver is a very important organ of the body and its prepper functioning is essential for other body functions as well. If the issue is bad then make sure that you take all your medication on time. And in case of any emergency, visit a liver doctor around you that can help in managing the health of the liver. Keep good care of your hygiene and make sure to take a balanced diet for your liver health.

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