Tips to Break-in Your Leather Holster the Perfect Way

Tips to Break-in Your Leather Holster the Perfect Way

Well, you have your new 1911 shoulder holster to carry your gun, but you don’t know how to break the holster yet, do you? It is completely normal for the leather case to be tight and stiff at first. You just need to break it. The process is simple, and you would need rudimentary accessories like a bag of groceries, your gun, and the holster.

Most people panic after purchasing the case regarding its fit. Hence, the professionals at Lone Star Holsters have come up with this complete guide, which would solve the problem. However, before breaking the leather case, be sure to loosen the retaining screws in the leather case.


Steps to break your leather case without problem

Here we have provided you with a step-by-step guide to cracking your leather case:

  • Make sure your gun is unloaded and place it in the plastic bag. Insert it so that the muzzle of the gun reaches the end.
  • Be gentle and firm when pushing the gun into the holster. Use your thumb so the slide does not roll back.
  • Once done, leave the gun in the same position overnight. During this time, the fibers relaxed and stretched a little. Make sure you don’t pull the gun out right away because it won’t help.
  • The next day when you remove the gun from the plastic bag and holster, you need to apply some force. Do not hold the holster in such a position that you will apply pressure to the frame, trigger guard, or pistol slide. Otherwise, you would have even more trouble removing it.
  • Now insert the gun without the plastic bag into the holder. At this point, the holster should grip the gun firmly. Now the case would keep sinking as you use it.
  • However, if you find the case is too tight, repeat the process with the plastic bag for a few more days to get the desired results.


What not to do when you break your leather case

  • One of the most common mistakes people end up making is using lube while breaking the leather case. Be sure not to use any leather lightening material, silicone spray or grease in the process. Applying these products can make your case excessively slippery. Under such conditions, the pistol could slip out of the holster unintentionally.
  • Additionally, lubricating the inside of your holster could ruin the appearance of your firearm. You wouldn’t like to have a tarnished weapon. Remember that brand name custom leather holsters come with hand finished interiors, which protect your firearm.
  • Do not immerse the case in any type of chemical, liquid, or water.

Well, breaking your case would be easy if you follow the right proc


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