The Benefits Of Newton Lite Technology
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The Benefits Of Newton Lite Technology

Newton lite

Do you still make use of paper price tags in your business? If you do, it is about time you started using digital price tags. The digital labelling system will make operations in your retails shop more efficient. Manually-driven processes such as updating and installation of Newton lite are susceptible to human error. Not only do they result to added inaccuracies in your inventories, but they also have a possible negative impact on the relationships you have with your customers and partners. 

There are various ways that you can benefit from using the newton lite system. First of all, these price tags can be used as data gathering and analysis applications.  Advancements in digital labels give them a feature that goes beyond just being mere product labels or price tags. Electronic labels can be equipped with sensors that allow retail store managers and operations staff to monitor temperature and humidity of particular sections in the facility, ensure accurate monitoring and management of inventories, big data analysis, and many other applications. 

The newton lite use wireless connectivity and intuitive systems that are effective enough to feature scheduling capabilities, such as updates in product and pricing information at a predefined data and time. With these price tags, you can update hundreds or even thousands of labels in a matter of seconds.  You cannot imagine doing the same when you ae still using a paper-based system. ESLs enable multiple updates on labels in real-time or on a scheduled basis.

Digital price tags can also be used as information pushing applications. In the retail environment, these labels can be a good advertising tool where consumers can get information on special promotions or discounts directly from the price tag itself. This can help increase revenue generation. 

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