Which Shoes to Buy When You Have Bunions
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Which Shoes to Buy When You Have Bunions


A bunion is a common condition that some people experience. It is a bony lump that grows at the base of the big toe’s joint and could be painful since the skin around the bunion could be inflamed and irritated. Bunions happen when the bones at the front of the foot start to slide out of place.

Choosing the proper and right footwear is crucial when suffering from a bunion because wearing tight and narrow shoes could make it worse. People with different shaped feet, foot deformities, and or medical conditions such as arthritis are also at risk of developing bunions.

If you have bunions or you are at risk of developing one, read below to know about which type of shoes you should buy for optimum comfort.

Extra-wide fit

When you go looking for shoes for bunions the fit should be different from your other shoes. You should not buy shoes that fit you precisely. You should look for specialized or orthotic shoes that have a wide or extra-wide fit or look for normal shoes that are spacious or flexible fit.

As recommended by podiatrists, the toe of the shoes should accommodate the bunion. To make sure that the shoe would not make your bunion worst when you try it on, the toe box should not pinch or put on excessive pressure. Shoes with an extra-wide fit would be comfortable to wear even with a bunion and even for a long time.

Lightweight material

Another consideration that you have to look for when you are shopping for shoes for your bunion is the material should be lightweight. The best shoes to accommodate bunions are made out of lightweight and flexible material such as soft leather or mesh fabric. Shoes made out of these materials are advisable since they are stretchable and could accommodate the protruding bunion. They also help alleviate the pressure since it will be stretched.

Not only should the shoes be made out of light and stretchable material, the soles should also be made out of thick rubber. Soles like these also help people suffering from bunions because they relieve tension and cushion the bunions from impact.


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Proper biomechanics

There’s been a misconception that high-heeled shoes cause bunions. They do not directly cause bunions but wearing one if you already have a bunion would aggravate it since high-heeled shoes allow specific regions of the foot to absorb more pressure than others.

Shoes designed with the foot’s proper biomechanics in mind provide plenty of support. A corrective shoe designed with proper biomechanics will stabilize the foot. When shopping for shoes for your bunions, look also for features such as arch support and adequate cushioning.

Fortunately, more and more shoe manufacturers and retailers are becoming more inclusive and are now providing an expanded shoe option for those who are suffering from bunions or other foot problems. Fall boots, sandals, sneakers, and even low-heeled shoes are now made with orthotic comfort and arch support for correct foot alignment.


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