School Operators Companies in UAE

School Operators Companies in UAE

School Operators Companies in UAE

There are several School Operators companies in UAE. These companies include Cedar Bridge, Interstar Education, American Companies Management Group, and GEMS Education. These companies all operate safe buses and adhere to safety standards. Regardless of the company’s location, the safety of the children is its number one priority. To find out more about the school buses in UAE, read on! This article will give you the details you need to make a decision.

D3 Consultants

D3consultants is one of the leading school operators companies in UAE. It is an education-based consultancy, which is working on the international level. It has a worldwide connection with different-different schools, colleges, and more. So it will meet your educational requirements. D3consultants help your school and college to build amazing strategies for growth. It is specialized in providing operators and management. Many more school operator companies in Dubai have collected the data.

GEMS Education

GEMS Education, a leading independent school operator company in the UAE, was founded in 1959 and currently operates 76 schools in 10 countries, educating 174,000 students from 175 different nationalities. In the UAE, the company is considered a Too-Big-To-Fail company, but the group runs a tight ship. Although it favors investors over lenders, it has a good credit rating and generates annual cash flow to cover its debt service load.

As of 2007, GEMS Education was one of the leading names in the UAE’s education market, operating 36 schools and educating over 58,000 students. With Abraaj’s backing, GEM was forecasted to grow at least ten-fold, resulting in a US$ 448 million valuation. The company’s recent growth has also been fueled by bank-financed borrowing and strategic private equity investments.

American Companies Management Group

The largest school management company in the UAE is the American Company Management Group, a holding company with many schools throughout the Emirate. ACG operates several schools in the UAE, including the renowned Al Dana Kindergarten and Nurseries. It is also responsible for using Al Etihad Center for Special Needs. ACG’s other schools include the Amity International School Abu Dhabi, Littlewoods Nurseries in Dubai, and Polaris Schools in Sharjah. It is one of the famous school operator companies in Dubai.

Al Najah Education, a UAE investment group with a history of operating international and nursery schools, recently acquired a large school operator in the UK. The transaction, which is the largest in the school operator sector in the region, was facilitated through a competitive auction process by Clyde & Co. This transaction highlights the growing demand for quality education in the UAE and the strength of the private education market in the region.

Interstar Education

Being a school operator company in Dubai, Interstar Education was founded in 2000 and now manages many schools in the UAE. Some of its schools include Delhi Private School Sharjah and Dubai, the South View School, which ENBD REIT owns, and the Wonder Years Nursery. Its first international school was in India, in Jodhpur. It plans to open three more schools in the UAE by 2019 and two more in Rajasthan.

The company’s portfolio includes international schools and nurseries, including Dubai, Oman, and Pakistan. The company has also invested in other educational institutions in the region. Interstar Education was founded by Al Najah Raza Khan, transforming the business from a modest operation into a globally recognized education provider. Later, the company was sold to Cognita, a UK-based global education group with 85 schools in 12 countries. Clyde & Co acted as the company’s sole legal counsel for this deal. The transaction demonstrates the growing demand for premium-quality schools in the region and the strength of the private education market in this region.


If you’re considering becoming a SWAT officer, you should find a reliable SWAT training school in the UAE. There are several types of schools in the UAE, and each one offers its unique benefits. Some of the companies provide private instruction, while others offer group sessions. There are many advantages to becoming a SWAT operator. School Operator companies in Dubai are rising day by day, and D3consultants have been one of them.


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