Rock the fashionable leisure look with women’s jogger pants

Rock the fashionable leisure look with women’s jogger pants

Though sometimes decades behind in fashion, women’s jogger pants are finally on-trend. Countless styles in different fabrics and patterns of women’s jogger pants have made this piece of clothing, perfect for any time of day or night. Like the newly gained popularity of men’s vintage sweatpants, women’s jogger pants have taken the fashion world by storm.

Since women’s jogger pants come in a variety of colours and patterns, jogger pants tend to be perfect for women who are always on the go and have limited time to find something fashionable. With so many different designs available at such an affordable price point, it’s no wonder these pieces like men’s vintage sweatpants have quickly become an essential everyday staple.

The classic jogger pant was first introduced into the fashion world during the ‘80s and has been a go-to for those who love comfort but want to still enjoy plenty of styles. Jogger pants are designed with an elasticized waist and an elasticized ankle, which make them simple and easy to wear. 

They work great as casual wear or as activewear and look equally good with tee shirts and other casual looks as they do paired with more sporty gear. The best part is that there are endless colour combinations you can choose from when picking your favourite pair of jogger pants.

So you can pair up your favourite pair with a comfy tank, some sneakers, and a great cardigan for the perfect look when you want to head out on the town with friends or opt for a complete leisure look using the jogger pants. 

Lucky for you, today we discuss how you can rock the fashionable leisure look using women’s jogger pants! 

Step # 1: Pick the best jogger pants that work for you and your body. 

When speaking about the different types of women’s jogger pants, the most important characteristics to consider are their fit and style. Below is a summary of each jogging pant model’s fit based on their waistband size.

  1. Mid-rise jogging pants:

Mid-rise jogging pants are designed with an elasticized waistband that fits close around the waist. This makes them good for people whose body type is not slim because it creates more lift around the hips to make them look slimmer. Some variants come in both looser and tighter fits to meet different body types. 

The mid rise jogging pants are not designed for heavier individuals, so they will have limited support around the thighs, which could cause problems for larger individuals who may have pain when exercising.

  1. High Rise Jogging Pants: 

High rise jogging pants are designed with extra stretchy fabric and an elastic band, which provide a tight fit around the waist. They are ideal for those who want to be able to move around freely, as well as those who like the way they look and feel.

However, the high rise jogging pants tend to be too tight and restrictive for those with a larger waist or thighs, so they may not be an ideal fit for some people.

  1. Slim Fit Jogger Pants 

This is the most popular type of jogger pants and will probably be found in most of the fashionable looks that can be created using jogger pants. The slim-fit jogger pants tend to be more flattering for a host of different body types since it avoids the baggy styles that come with the other styles. 

Step  # 2: Picking the right fabric of jogger pants 

Once you have picked the right type of jogger pants as per your comfort and style, you ought to look at the fabric and quality of jogger pants for the best fall and overall look. 

For the ideal structure, it is recommended to opt for jogger pants of twill or chinos fabric. Fine fabric and slim-fit jogger pants tend to be quite flattering especially for the perfect athleisure look. 

Step  # 3: Top Styling Picks for the Perfect Athleisure Look

And now it is time to address the elephant in the room, how does one style the jogger pants for a fashionable yet leisurely look? 

  1. Pair your slim-fit jogger pants with a solid coloured tank top. Add your favourite pair of converse, sunnies and a high pony tail to end off the look in style. Casual, stylish and leisurely is what they call this look. 
  1. Slim-fit or high rise jogger pants can be put together with a crop-top for a leisure look with some sass added to it. You can add printed boots to this look for some more spice. Put your hair up in a bun and you’ll rock this look. 
  1. If the temperatures are dropping, you can use your jogger pants as part of a more comfortable, winter outfit too. Pair your jogger pants with a v-neck sweater, preferably of a neutral tone. If you want to step out in style, dress the look up with a pair of heels. 
  1. You can also use jogger pants to pull off a monochromatic look – pair your same toned jogger pants with a zip-up hoodie of the same colour in winter. Put your hair down, add your favourite pair of sunnies and converse to complete the entire look in style. You can also pair this look with boots, depending on your style. 

And voila! You are all ready to rock jogger pants for the upcoming season. 


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