Price For Desert Safari Dubai

Price For Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari

The price for a desert safari in Dubai varies depending on the duration of your trip, the activities you choose, and the company you choose to book your trip through. In general, a trip can cost anywhere from 149 AED to 299 AED per person, but you can save money by booking a trip during off-peak times or on a weekday. Also, you can look for deals through multiple tourism companies to find the lowest price.

Cost of a desert safari in Dubai

The cost of a desert safari in Dubai depends on a variety of factors including the duration of your trip, what activities you choose and what kind of Tour Company you choose. You can also find deals by booking your trip on weekdays or during lean seasons. Some tourism companies offer discounts for early bookings or for groups booking a desert safari Dubai trip for a whole day.

A desert safari in Dubai is an excellent experience, which is very affordable. Some desert safaris include dune bashing and sandboarding over the dunes. You can also spend the evening at a Bedouin camp for a traditional BBQ dinner. You will be able to see wildlife such as lizards, snakes, and scorpions. However, you can rest assured that the trip will not be dangerous.

Duration of a desert safari in Dubai

The duration of a desert safari in Dubai varies depending on the type of desert safari you take. Most safaris start at sunrise and end in the afternoon, but you can book a sunset or evening desert safari in Dubai if you want to see the sunset. Depending on the number of people on your tour, the duration may be shorter or longer than the full-day safari.

Morning desert safaris in Dubai begin around 9 AM and last around two hours. During this time, you can experience dune bashing, quad biking, or even a hot air balloon ride. After the sunset, desert safaris are canceled, but you can book an overnight safari if you have time.

Dress code for a desert safari in Dubai

One of the most unique experiences in Dubai is a desert safari. From floating across the desert on a camel to enjoying traditional Arabian cuisine under the stars, this experience is unlike anything else. If you’re going to participate in this activity, you’ll want to make sure that you’re appropriately dressed for the environment. It’s a unique experience, and the right clothing can help you make the most of it.

If you’re going on a morning or afternoon desert safari Dubai deals, you’ll be fine wearing a tank top or t-shirt, and you can bring a light jacket if the evening temperatures start to drop. Women should also cover their knees and shoulders. Men should wear light trousers or shorts with a t-shirt.

Families with small children will need to bring along extra clothing for themselves and their children. They should also pack diapers, baby cream, and feeding bottles. Other than these necessities, the dress code for a desert safari in Dubai is extremely relaxed, and visitors can wear just about anything they wish. As long as it’s comfortable, you’ll be fine.

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