Must-Have Supplies to Make Breastfeeding More Convenient

Must-Have Supplies to Make Breastfeeding More Convenient


Choosing to breastfeed your baby is not a difficult decision to make. However, it takes a lot of effort and determination to maintain breastfeeding for a long time. There could be challenges that you’ll face such as incorrect latch, decreasing milk supply, fatigue, and many more. But behind all those struggles, you can be sure that your baby will be healthy and happy with all-natural milk that you feed him.

If you’ve decided to breastfeed your little one, here are some essential supplies that would help make your breastfeeding journey a lot more convenient.

Nursing Bras

In order to nurse easily and comfortably throughout the day, you’ll need quality and durable nursing bra for both support and functionality. Regular bras don’t have those features and even feel uncomfortable to be worn when you’re a breastfeeding mom. Nursing bras are designed to provide good support to your breast and has easy-to-operate snaps that allow easy access when breastfeeding. There’s no need to rake off the entire bra during feeding sessions.

Nursing Pads

It’s completely normal to have milk leaks in your breast from time to time. To prevent the milk from leaking into your shirt, you’ll need a couple of nursing pads to save you the extra laundry and keep you confident especially when you’re out the house. These pads can be easily slipped in your nursing bra, making them a perfect tandem.


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Breastfeeding Clothes

Although you could wear your usual clothes when breastfeeding, there are clothes that are specially designed to make breastfeeding a lot convenient and easier. Invest in a couple of stylish nursing clothes so you can breastfeed easily without sacrificing the style of your clothes. There are plenty of options available such as dresses, button-downs, shirts, and many more.

Breast Pump

A breast pump is a huge help for breastfeeding moms. It is not only for working moms – you can also pump when you have an oversupply of milk or you want your partner or babysitter to feed the baby with breast milk especially when you’re away. You could opt for either a manual pump or an electric one, depending on which is comfortable for you.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow makes it more comfortable to breastfeed your baby. You can save yourself from that regular arm fatigue you get while holding baby during feeding. With a nursing pillow, you can just prop up baby to the right height and let your arm and back rest while feeding.

Warm or Cold Compress

It’s natural to experience aches and pains on your breasts when before or after breastfeeding. Having a warm or cold compress can greatly help in relieving these aches – from clogged ducts, engorgement, and even promotes proper milk flow.

Breastfeeding doesn’t need to be that stressful. With those must-have items, you can make your breastfeeding journey more convenient and stress-free. If you’re planning to breastfeed, be sure to have those things ready beforehand and save yourself from stress and too much struggles.


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