Motion Design, a Coherent Format for Communicating Externally

Motion Design, a Coherent Format for Communicating Externally

Motion Design, a Coherent Format for Communicating Externally

External communication plays a major role in the sustainability of a company. It is an essential element that creates a link between the brand and its customers. It generally has cognitive, conative and/or affective objectives. In order to streamline the delivery of their messages and improve the quality of their communications, many brands are now turning to video in motion design.

External communication, a pillar for the company

External communication corresponds to all the communication actions put in place by a company in order to enhance its image and its positioning with an external public (partners, customers, prospects). It is generally based on the implementation of advertising campaigns in the media and promotional campaigns outside the media.

Motion design, the ideal tool for communicating externally

Motion design has several advantages for corporate video. First of all, it offers a range of possibilities thanks to digital creation. We can therefore create diagrams, represent statistics, animate a text, play with typography and shapes. It is the skills of the motion designer that determine the limits of visual animations.

Graphic design techniques today make it possible to communicate externally in all styles. From a funny and offbeat aesthetic to an artistic and neat style, this video montage allows you to create situations and even illustrate concepts or complex processes. We give the desired tone to the film.

Simple to produce, motion design video can be done remotely. It does not require major logistics. Indeed, a motion design creation studio does not require all the filming equipment for real shots. This is why a corporate film in motion graphics is generally faster to execute.

Totally in tune with the times, 2D animation will modernize your communication. It’s a good way to surprise your prospects and ride the wave of the trend, in tune with new technologies.

The Rhonexpress wanted to present the concept of the project to its users. Also, the subjects of the call for tenders, design and operation are covered in this film for more transparency with them. This promotional clip in motion design makes it possible to address the desired subjects while taking up the codes and values ​​of the brand.

Motion design allows you to communicate remotely with your audience

Today, all companies invest in regular communication with their customers. The constant evolution of the market and the environmental impact push them to rethink their communication methods. Indeed, the health crisis, budget restrictions in events or even logistical problems can be obstacles to the dissemination of the message. This is why animated video in motion design is becoming an increasingly popular tool for direct and quality communication.

The CEDRALIS company wanted to highlight its offer in a 3-minute animated video. The production company near me was commissioned to produce a modern and dynamic film to illustrate the brand’s services.

Why hire motion design professionals?

Are you planning to make an animated video for your business? Consider collaborating with one of the best video companies near me specializing in motion design!

Indeed, consulting an expert company in the field can prove to be a saving of time and money for your project. Once it has been exposed, the director will guide you towards relevant narrative choices and in line with your objectives. Motion designers will then be responsible for creating and animating the visuals. Calling on image professionals ensures constructive exchanges, visibility on the project, professional rendering, etc.

Many companies have already embarked on this audiovisual communication strategy. They can communicate externally today via animated videos in motion design online or at events.


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