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Because of the installation requirements of many residential elevators, it can be difficult to install one in a house that does not have a particularly large footprint. In most cases, they call for the construction of a machine room or pit beneath the floor below the lowest one, as well as an Elevator Company shaft and clearance above the floor above that.


Space-Saving Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

PVEs have a design that is both small and self-contained, so they occupy very little space. The only space that must be available on the floor is big enough to accommodate the elevator’s exterior cylinder, which, depending on the model, can have a diameter of anywhere from 30 inches to 52 inches in UAE.


2. Simple And Quick Assembly

In order to make room for the complicated machinery required by traditional elevators, homes typically require extensive remodeling. Customers are spared a protracted and inconvenient construction process thanks to the fact that a PVE is propelled by air and does not require cables, pistons, chains, or counterweights of any kind.

This space-saving elevator can be installed in an existing home or incorporated into the design plans for a home that is being newly built. The cylinder is prefabricated into modular sections that are designed to securely and easily assemble with one another. It is possible to have the PVE installation up and running in as little as two to three days because it does not require an elevator shaft or pit in UAE.


3. Able To Be Moved Following Installation

You probably don’t think of elevators as being portable, but personal vertical elevators (PVEs) are entirely self-contained. They are not required to be built into the framework of a home because they are designed to be freestanding structures in UAE. Because of its forward-thinking design, the Elevator Company can be removed from its current location and reinstalled in a different one should you choose to either remodel your current home or relocate to a new one.


4. Eco-Friendly

Because they are powered by air pressure, power vertical elevators (PVEs) are a clean and environmentally friendly way to improve the accessibility of your home. Since they don’t make use of any heavy machinery, there is no need for any lubricants, oils, or gases to be used.

This elevator is not only good for the environment but also uses very little power in UAE. When climbing, standard models consume only 4.7 kilowatts of power in the cabin. The ascent is accomplished solely through the force of gravity; no electricity is required. VACUUM ELEVATOR PVEs are similar to washers and dryers in that they have a power supply that operates at 220V and can be plugged into a wall outlet.


5. Extremely Capable Of Functioning

PVEs may be the smallest home elevators currently available on the market, but they offer all of the necessary utility to transport passengers between floors in a multi-level home in a safe and smooth manner, despite their smaller size. They are capable of traveling up to a vertical distance of fifty feet and can be instructed to make up to five stops.

The controls are operated by pushbuttons, and there is an LED lighting system in Elevator Company products and a fan included as standard equipment to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. A key-operated door lock and a telephone for use in case of an emergency are two additional choices in UAE.

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