Check if you’re device is infected with malware
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Check if you’re device is infected with malware

US9514961195221: Your package cannot be delivered. Phishing emails infected with malware in the attachments or links that appear in the body of the email. By interacting with malware, for example by opening or downloading an attachment containing a malicious payload, a user can inadvertently infect their device or network, allowing attackers access to secure applications and allowing access to malware. data.

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To check your computer or phone for trojans, browser hijackers, or other infected with malware and remove it for free, run a scan with Malwarebytes Free.

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Malwarebytes can run on Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Depending on the operating system installed on the device you are trying to run the Malwarebytes scan on, click the tab below and follow the steps displayed.

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