How to register a UK Amazon seller account

How to register a UK Amazon seller account

How to set up shop on Amazon UK? There are two ways, you can register through the investment manager or register directly on the UK station yourself. The former is that Amazon’s official investment manager will teach you how to register and help you open a store, but it will take a long time to log down the account after the process of review and so on. The person is to study how to sell things by yourself, there is no official staff to guide you how to open a store, and there is no very big difference in others.


Scanned copy of company business license

Scanned copies of passports of the company’s main contact person and beneficiary (the beneficiary refers to a natural or legal person who holds 25% or more of the company’s shares) (if there is no passport, it can be replaced by an ID card and a household registration book, the front and back pages of the ID card and The personal page of the account book is scanned on one page) Company bill: The company name and detailed address should be on the bill. The company name and address should be consistent with the business license. If the seller’s operating address is elsewhere, the address on the bill should be the actual operating address. Personal expense bill: any one of the main contact and beneficiary’s personal daily expense bill within the last 90 days (daily expenses include water, electricity, gas, internet, TV, telephone, mobile phone and other bills and credit card statements, etc.;   Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS , Amazon NHS Discount  Amazon Discount Code UK , Amazon coupon code 10 OffAmazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code , Amazon Discount Code NHS and Amazon Discount Code Company bank statement: Please open a company bank statement, any bank is welcome. Overseas bank account used for collection: p card, wf card, etc.


  1. If you register through the investment manager, he will directly give you a registration link. If you register directly on the UK station, click “sell on Amazon” at the bottom of the UK station, and first register an Amazon login account.
  2. Select China as the country of registration, and fill in the submitted email number for e-mail.
  1. Please select a company for the seller type, which cannot be modified after selection. Please fill in the other information according to the business license. Please fill in the phone number of the Amazon seller account that has not been registered before.
  1. The best credit card is valid for more than 1 year, and can be replaced after that, mainly used to charge monthly rent.
  1. Here is the phone verification, you can click CALL ME NOW, you will receive a call from the system, the computer will display 4 digits, pick up the phone and enter the 4 digits, and the # sign ends, the verification can be completed.
Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS , AO NHS discount, AO promo code NHS, Ao coupon code 10 Off, AO NHS discount code at AO Voucher Code NHS Note: Many times there will be problems with the system, and there will be an error in the verification. After 2 attempts, please change the number or SMS to verify. It will take 1 hour to continue after 3 unsuccessful attempts.
  1. Congratulations, your registration is complete, please check whether the registration information is correct
  2. The registration information of the European station is more than that of the United States and Japan. Continue to complete the following information
  3. You need to fill in the main contact information, which can be a legal person or other person, fill in the document type and home address
  4. Fill in the information of the beneficiary, a natural person who directly or indirectly only has more than 25% of the shares of the company, make sure to fill in all the required information of the beneficiary
  5. Small test payment verification to verify whether your bank card can be used
  6. Continue to submit the business license, company billing address, passport of the main contact and other information
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