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A hippie tapestry that is wonderfully printed, expertly produced, and tastefully designed is an intriguing way to decorate house interiors. Because they are designed from many ethnic backgrounds, the Wall tapestry appears to be historical. Every person wants to decorate his beloved home a bit like the planet of his dreams, whether it’s small or big. Tapestry is one of the ways to offer an excellent look to the house.

No matter whether the home is big or small, these tapestries provide a stylish look to the house. Today time tapestries are used in unique and very different ways.  The living room is the most important room in the entire house, and it makes the best first impression on visitors.

Home decor is an essential function that helps to make the house look homely and personal. It may not always be possible to hire an interior designer to do this job. Renting an interior can prove costly which puts a big dent in the savings account. Hence, it is always considered better to design your own home.

Wall tapestry is a great way to design a way to make the walls look attractive. You can also be able to express yourself and your aesthetic sense in the best possible way by designing your home.

Here are a few tips that will help you beautify your home in the best possible way even without an interior designer.


Mounting a tapestry on a stretcher/plywood board is comparable to foam core mounting. For this, staple your heavy linen fabric to the foam board instead of the wood. You will need two sheets of foam board that you will already glue together, so make sure you have enough fabric to cover the sides of your thick foam board. Cover your foam board with a heavy-weight linen cloth and staple it down (tightly) to the back of the foam board around the perimeter. Sew your tapestry onto the fabric with a curved needle, as described in.


 Wall tapestries are very complex and delicate. They will look good on your wall only when you apply them symmetrically. Wall tapestries have to be purchased in such a way that when they are placed together, they look symmetrical. It’s a great way to show off creativity and aesthetic sensibility. It also helps others to explore different aspects of your personality. It’s the little things that make one feel connected to homes and buildings. Don’t let anyone take you like this. Make sure you do your best to make your home look impressive. So, don’t waste time and use wall tapestry as soon as possible to make your home look gorgeous.


This is a great idea for those who want to create a more unique atmosphere in a space. A ceiling-hung tapestry can add wonderful drama to your space while simultaneously decorating a rarely decorated element of your home.


The fabric can be turned into a work of art by dragging it onto a wooden frame or plywood board. You can use sawdust picture hangers to mount on the wall by stretching and folding the tapestry over the frame and attaching it to a staple gun. If the fabric is thin, you may want to stretch and staple the canvas to the frame first so that the wood is not visible through the fabric. This is how wall tapestry can be used


Another method that works well for both heavy and thin tapestries is to mount the tapestry on a wooden frame (such as a plywood board). If you have a big or thick tapestry, stretch and nail it to a plywood board or canvas stretcher, then hang it with sawtooth picture hangers on your wall. For this the edges of the tapestry are flipped on the back of the plywood board and stapled in this method.

If working with the thin or light tapestry. The best approach is to stretch a heavy-weight, linen canvas across the front of your plywood board. Staple the fabric (tightly) to the back of your wooden board around the perimeter. This wooden board needs to be wider and taller than your tapestry. As it serves as the frame for the tapestry wall art. Once the heavy linen fabric is stapled to the board. Your tapestry will need to be sown directly into the center of the fabric using a curved needle. The fabric showing along the perimeter will enclose your tapestry quite nicely. Be sure to sew your tapestry around the perimeter. As well as at various points on the interior of the tapestry to avoid unattractive sagging later.



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