Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign
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Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign



Invisalign is a brand. They manufacture completely transparent braces. Invisalign braces before and after results are outstanding. The Braces use SmartTrack material. They are clear, transparent, and apparently invisible.  The braces have advanced technology Blue Dots Compliance Indicator. The Blue Dots fade away when you wear them regularly. When you no longer see Blue Dots on the aligners, it means you need a new pair of braces. 

The braces stay in place with buttons on your teeth. These buttons are SmartForce attachments. The attachments are hardly noticeable to the naked eye. They come with Vivera Retainers as an after-treatment product. These retainers keep your smile intact for a lifetime. Plus, you get both the braces and retainers in separate cases. The cases prolong the longevity of the product.

Invisalign Braces Enhances Your Looks And Confidence:

Invisalign Braces instill confidence in you. The smile that you wear makes you or breaks you. Similarly, your looks are most important for you. With or without makeup, you want to look good.

These completely invisible braces give you remarkable Invisalign braces before and after results. They make you smile without any fear or embarrassment. Before the treatment, you had times when your smile showcased your bad teeth. The discoloration, yellow coffee stains, and crowded teeth made your friends cringe. 

However, after you received your new smile, you are confident. You look great and you are happy, too.

Did you wear glasses? With unaligned teeth? That looked awful! After the teeth alignment procedure, now even your glasses make you look good. Your life has Saturday-Night Parties. Similarly, you eat and dine out regularly.  There are Late-Night Dramas that you attend. And, undoubtedly, the Dates with your partner are important. Invisalign braces before and after treatment present a new smile to you. With your newfound smile, you behave with ease. Obviously, you feel great about yourself. 

The dentist at the end of the treatment provides you with special services. Like, teeth polishing and teeth-whitening services. Some clinics may charge you extra for these. Whereas, in other clinics, the package itself covers the charges.

This extra treatment makes your teeth look great. The yellow stains due to cigarette smoking and coffee are done away with. As a result, it gives you a classy look.


Resolves All Teeth and Gum Related Problems:

The procedure of Invisalign braces treatment starts with teeth cleaning. The dentist rectifies your teeth cavity problems. The procedure is to resolve gum and teeth problems. This also includes plucking of bad tooth and teeth pain. 

Similarly, he treats your chipped tooth or bruised mouth-wall. But this incurs extra charges.

It Provides You Teeth Hygiene:

You are free from bad breath. Your disarranged teeth made it difficult to clean. As a result, the germs inside the teeth sides, nooks, and corners made you stink. Loads of mouth fresheners and lots of brushing were common for you. Still, bad breath puzzled you.

If you had metal or ceramic braces, the problem of bad breath worsened. Your friends kept a safe distance from you. Of course, it was sheer embarrassment.

However, after Invisalign Brace treatment your teeth now form a line. This made it easy to keep them clean. Once or twice brushing in a day is enough. The hygiene quotient of your teeth is now great. Even, your friends feel that, right?

You Become Free Of Old Discomfort:

When your teeth are not in line, you face several other problems. Like, pronunciation of words and bite problems. Your upper set of teeth does not sit on your lower one. As a result, you have jaw pain. Furthermore, the jaw pain may radiate to the neckline.

When your teeth are not in line, your mouth gets dry when you sleep. This is because you might develop ‘sleep apnea’. Why? Because your mouth does not close completely. The same, in later life, will lead to snoring problems also. It affects your whole ENT area.

Resolve all the above problems with Invisalign Brace treatment. You will definitely appreciate the Invisalign braces before and after treatment results. Your newfound smile is not only for looks but for your mouth health and hygiene too. Their alignment matters.

You Can Eat Without Worry:

Before the alignment treatment, your food got stuck in your teeth cavity. In other cases, you might have left out some food groups because tearing meat was an issue for you.

If you had metal or ceramic braces, food got stuck more. As if, food was sticking in your brain too. The wires had meat tissues hanging to them. Plus, your dentist must have barred you from eating some food.

Now after the Invisalign Brace treatment you eat like you never did before. You don’t think before eating. Because you don’t have to. Within three months, Invisalign braces have changed the way you eat. 


Invisalign Braces Makes You Picture Perfect:

Are you on social media? Then you will know the difference between Invisalign braces before and after effects. The comments you get on Instagram, the likes you get on Facebook, and the smiles you get on TikTok definitely prove that your smile matters.

Actually, the smile was always there with you. You just forgot to wear them right. Now, with Invisalign braces before and after pictures, you know what were you missing. Your face now lights up in front of the camera and you don’t need filters. Anyways, you look good.

You Have Far Fewer Dentists Visit:

You will notice another very significant Invisalign braces before and after changes. That is, you don’t run to a dentist every month. Disarranged teeth had cavity, teeth ache, gum problems, and tartar formations. This is because the brush or floss will not reach every nooks and corner of your teeth. Especially, the back teeth never receive a wash from time to time because your brush won’t reach them.

However, Invisalign braces before and after scenarios make a hell and heaven difference. Your teeth are now aligned. Along with the alignment, the problem of struggle with your brush, or, floss has gone. Thus, there is no cavity or tooth pain. Similarly, there are no gum problems. So, your visit to dentists visibly lessens.

Post-Treatment Vivera Retainers:

The post-treatment Vivera Retainers are an integral part of your life now. The precautions you need to take after the Invisalign Brace treatment are as follows:

  • Firstly, wear your retainers for the next three months, for at least 12 hours a day.
  • Secondly, if you are an adolescent you still have to wear the retainers for the next 10 years of your life.
  • Thirdly, if you are an adult, you need to wear them for the rest of your life.

So, the best advice is to wear the retainers during sleep. See? That solves your problem.

Case Study

  1. Kelly Pham

Kelly is super excited about her new Invisalign braces. She is happy with the results. As well, she recommends it to others. However, she mentions some light pain with its initial use. But, she got used to it in no time. In addition, she is very happy with the way Invisalign braces before and after results made her smile look. 



Technology is all about innovation. First came the braces, then the invisible braces, and now complete transparent braces. In the near future, more revolutions will come in the world of dental cosmetic treatment. But, history will know Invisalign. It will always be the first-ever complete clear braces to mark history. So, be a part of this history, be a part of the revolution.



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