Dayara Bugyal Trek: Beginners Guide

Dayara Bugyal Trek: Beginners Guide

The Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand and one of the easiest as well. Dayara Bugyal Trek has different ranges with different difficulty levels, from moderate to difficult walks. Even though it will be tough for beginners, with some proper guidance your trip will get easy.

We all have a dream to go on a trekking vacation. Dayara Bugyal is the best time for beginners to start trekking. The Dayara Bugyal trek is a short and easy trek that gives you a quick taste of the Himalayas. It is a great introduction to the mountains and also suitable for children along with families.

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Other Details

Easy trek for what you revel in

Per day common hiking distance isn’t always extra than nine km. Beginners with a small amount of bodily health can without difficulty stroll the path without 2nd thoughts. It is a child’s play for those who have already got their mountain climbing capabilities honed.

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Less crowd

Other hiking locations like Triund and Kedarkantha witness a number of trekkers during Dayara Bugyal Trek. So, for folks that no longer like lots of crowds and need to revel in this in peace and calmness, this place is honestly perfect for them.

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Mesmerizing views

The view of the Garhwal Range is honestly astounding from Dayara. The sundown also can be loved right here, that’s a jaw-losing sight. You also can experience the view of different peaks from right here like, Srikanta and Gangotri.

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Opportunity to discover

For People who’ve come to hike causally, Dayara will supply them a satisfying revel in really well worth cherishing. For the journey junkies, who desire to discover extra, can head to Bakaria Top and Surya Top. Higher altitude approaches higher view however mountain climbing better relies upon plenty at the situation of the climate and what kind of snow has accumulated.

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When is the best time to visit Dayara for trekking?

Winter Season days are the best to visit Dayara Bugyal Trek. In the Month of December, Heavy Snowfall can be seen. However, it becomes difficult to trek towards the end of January and February due to the huge snow accumulation. So, the last week of December till the third week of January is a good time for trekking on the Dayara Bugyal Trek. The minimum temperature you can expect during this period is 5 degrees Celsius and the maximum could reach a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius.

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What are the different ways to reach Dayara Bugyal Trek?

There are many ways to  reach the Dayara Bugyal Trek which are as follows:

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By air

The nearest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport located at a distance of about 25 km from the city main. From the airport, you can book a taxi or hire a taxi to reach your destination.

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By train

You have the choice of two trains between Nanda Devi Express and Dehradun Express from Delhi. The departure and arrival times for the Nandadevi Express are 11:50 p.m. to 5:40 a.m. and the same for the Dehradun Express are 9:10 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. respectively.

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By bus

Private bus services are not as reliable and you are advised not to use them unless absolutely necessary.

After arriving at Dehradun which will basically be the starting point of the trip. 5 days is enough to get the most out of this trekking experience in Dayara Bugyal Trek.

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Any risk factors to watch out for?

High Altitude High altitude means more excitement and better adventure, but there are risks associated with it. Lack of oxygen is a problem that becomes a problem at higher altitudes. It is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure security before embarking on your destination.

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Unpredictable weather

The weather in the Himalayas is very unpredictable. At the start of your hike, it can all be healthy and warm, but as you get closer to the summit, the weather can deteriorate, which is a major concern for hikers.

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Even if you are an expert in this field, injuries are not entirely inevitable. The rough terrain and the strain you have to exert is a deadly combination that could lead to injuries. A first aid kit could come to your rescue in situations like this.

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Network Issue

As you get near your destination, mobile networks can be lost, so you have to segregate yourself from the rest of the world, which for today’s generation is a big deal. Walkie-talkies are often used by people to communicate with each other or with a guide.

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What are the important things to keep in mind before traveling?

  • It is important that you have cooking fuel on you as Dayara does not have dry wood that can be used for the same.
  • Choose a campsite that has a stream nearby.
  • Getting a first aid is a must, as injuries are unpredictable and predictable due to the rough terrain.
  • There may be a power shortage in some places, so it is recommended that people bring their portable chargers with them.
  • If an emergency occurs and you need to go to the hospital, you must go to Uttarkashi City. 102 is the number to dial for any medical emergency on the road.

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Other than that, it goes without saying that you should bring woolen clothes, long-sleeved shirts, and a thermal liner with you to stay warm in the freezing cold and also to protect yourself from the cold amidst all the snow.

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