Citronella plant uses and benefit
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Citronella plant uses and benefit

Citronella Plant

Citronella plant is a herb from a grass family that has different names. You can also know it as lemon grass, mosquito repellent, and lemon geranium. Its scientific name is Cymbopogon nardus. It is widely known for its strong scent. And this is the reason mosquitoes or other insects don’t come in its interact. This is not been scientifically proven yet. Citronella is easy to grow plant and is used in many fragrant products.

Citronella grass is a perennial grass. The medium length of this plant is 2.5m tall. It is a native plant of Sudan, Africa. Moreover, the plant needs low water content to grow and its growth is quite fast. The Citronella plant is used to extract oil. The oil is used in soap formation. It is also used in mosquito repellent sprays. Grass oil is also used in aromatherapy. In-house remedies, the grass is used as an antiseptic.

Citronella Plant grass

Citronella grass is used in medicine since ancient times. The grass is also used as a tea in many countries. Its tea is quite beneficial for contact dermatitis. Moreover, tea is also beneficial to boost immunity and has health benefits. It is good for the kidneys and liver. Grass leaves and their oil is also used as a weight loss ingredient. In the hoodoo, people use its oil as an evil repellent. People from hoodoo believe that the Citronella plant brings good luck to the house.

Citronella has many species. These include Cymbopogon ambiguous. This grows in Australia. So, commonly it is known as Australian grass. Secondly, Cymbopogon anamnesis, its native countries are Vietnam, Thailand, and Yunnan. Third is Cymbopogon caesius. It is from the Sub Sahara desert of Africa, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Madagascar. Moreover, Cymbopogon calcicole and Cymbopogon calciphilus both are native to Thailand.

Citronella Plant growing and care:

Citronella plant can grow well in both conditions of full sun and shady weather. Well, morning sunlight and evening shade are best for its growth. People grow it near their living area and sideways. Because it has a strong aroma which fresh the environment. Even on its tough, you can sense a lemony strong scent. So, most people grow it on their balconies and porches. Citronella needs a moderate amount of sunlight.

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Citronella plant care is quite easy. Some important points for its care are mentioned here. Water the growing citronella deeply. Wait until the excess water leaves the plant pot. Now again water the plant to its full. Check the soil by pressing your thumb against it. If you feel the top of the soil dry. Water it again and then leave it. Let the plant absorb the water. This plant doesn’t need that much water. As it grows easily in dry environments also.

Benefits of Citronella

Some of the important benefits of citronella are mentioned. Citronella plant is an insect-repellent plant. When you go outside, rub its oil and leaves on your exposed body parts. Its strong odor repels mosquitoes and bugs. One of the good things is it doesn’t repel useful insects like bees. Our friendly insects like butterflies also don’t mind the smell of citronella. Secondly, it is also widely used as a culinary herb. Likewise, most people around the world use it as tea.
Citronella plant’s aromatic properties can use in many dishes like cakes, ice creams, and jellies. Citronella is also used in salads. Its oil is used in aromatherapy and relaxes nerves. In medicine, the plant is used as an immune booster. It is quite good for the kidneys and liver also. The plant is also used for aesthetic purposes. And many people grow it in houses. In addition, citronella tea or oil is used for weight loss.

Citronella seed oil

Citronella oil is extracted from plant stems, leaves, and seeds. The oil is used by the perfume industry. Moreover, it is used to make aromatic candles and aromatic cosmetics. Its rich and fresh smell relieves the nerves. So that is why it is widely used to relieve anxiety. Its oil is also used as an insect repellant. Moreover, it is safe to use oil on the skin. Citronella plant lowes is registered for its health purposes since 1948.