Black fungus or Mucormycosis infection
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Black fungus or Mucormycosis infection

Black Fungus

Black fungus is an infection that is caused by mucormycosis. It is quite a serious but rare infection. Mucormycosis occurs due to mold named mucormycetes. It is found in dead or decaying organic matter. Moreover, it is found in rotting plants and soil, etc. The infection is quite fatal if is not treated on time. Its cure is possible in the early stages. Every year 50 to 80% of people die due to this infection.

This infection can infect the lungs, sinuses brain, and sometimes skin. You can inhale spores of mucormycetes from the air, compost matter, and rotting organic matter. Likewise, It can occur in people of all ages. Moreover, People with weak immune systems are more likely at risk. The question here arises what is black fungus? In this article, I’ve mentioned all the possible information about this infection.

What is black fungus?

This is a rare but fatal infection caused by mold named mucormycetes. lt is curable at the early stages of infection. Mucormycosis is a non-contagious disease. It can never transmit from person to person. Moreover, The infection is triggered by steroids. People with weak immune systems are the main victims of this fungus. It can affect on sinuses and lungs. Apart from this, the infection is more deadly in patients with the coronavirus.

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The spore of mucormycosis enters my nose. And grow in number and cause sinuses infection and lung infections. It can also infect brain tissues. Microbe can enter the skin through a wound and cause skin infection. The black fungus disease is not that serious in a healthy person. Furthermore, people with weak immune systems are the main target of it. The immune system becomes weak due to diabetes, AIDs, and the long use of steroids.

Symptoms of mucormycosis

The symptoms of the disease vary from person to person. Symptoms appear when fungus grows in body tissues. These include chest pain subsiding with fever, shortness of breath, and cough. Other symptoms include headache, swelling of the face, and sinusitis. Besides, the fungus may target the digestive system. So, the symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, and gastrointestinal infection.

If the mold grows on the skin, the skin may turn black. The blisters appear on the skin and the color of the skin turns black. Now the infection may pass through your blood and infect your organs. Moreover, the organ which can infect due to this is the spleen, heart, and brain. In critical conditions, the fungus can retard brain tissue and a person suffers from a coma. Coma is quite a critical stage of infection. Moreover, it is quite deadly, if left untreated.

Treatment of the disease

The black fungus in the body can be diagnosed by some tests. If the infection is in the sinuses. Your doctor can take mucous from your nose and get it a test. And if the infection can cause into your lungs. The CT scan and X-ray take for diagnostic purposes. If you are diagnosed with this infection. Your doctor recommends you some anti-fungal medicines. Which can stop the growth of black fungus in humans.

The treatment varies from person to person. Likewise, the medication which is used in the treatment is Amphotericin B. This medicine can effectively stop the growth of fungus. When growth stops fungus will not spread through the body. Moreover, Other medications may be given in the form of injectables and IVs. At first, the doses of antifungal medicine may be high. Because the doctor has to stop the growth of microbes.

Prevention of mucormycosis

It’s quite hard for a person to avoid fungal spores. Because the spores are microscopic. Some of the prevention measures are as follows. First, avoid polluted areas. And if you are unable to avoid wearing a mask in polluted areas. Second, if your immune system is weak due to some disease. Avoid activities like gardening etc. Because soil is the home of this fungus.

Furthermore, avoid dirty water. Because the filthy water may have fungal spores. In contact with filthy water, spores can enter your body through cuts or bruises. And can cause infection. Wear long boots, long sleeves and trousers for safety. During the work in the soil, wear gloves and a mask also. The spores of black fungus infection can easily grow when getting in contact.