Choosing The Best Collagen Powder
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Choosing The Best Collagen Powder

Collagen keeps your skin supple, springy, and forever young. However, as you grow older, collagen tends to break down, and you get wrinkles and other aging issues. That’s why collagen powder is here for your rescue. 

Did you know that according to experts, you should consume at least 1-2 scoops or tablespoons of collagen powders to see results? But you might be confused about which powder to choose, isn’t it? Fret not; merely read on. 

Collagen is essentially the glue that ensures your skin, joints, and muscles function well. It is a crucial component that makes up your connective tissues. Moreover, it is a protein containing amino acids essential to keep our bodies supple. This article will guide you in choosing the best collagen powders to ensure results. 

Tips for choosing collagen powder 

While hunting for the best collagen supplements, it is necessary to conduct thorough research. This means considering several factors that will impact the results. Here are the pointers to bear in mind while purchasing your collagen powders: 

  1. Type of collagen 

You’d be surprised to know that there are over 28 types of collagens. Each type benefits a specific body part to heal and reverse aging. However, the powders in the market may contain only one or two of these types: 

  • Type I – This is a common type of collagen. Almost 90% of the body’s collagen comprises this type. Essentially found under your skin, it supports healthy hair, nails, and skin.
  • Type II – This one supports your bones and joints and responds to inflammation. It restores your healthy range of motion and rebuilds cartilage in your joints. 
  • Type III – This is the second most common collagen. It is responsible for your muscles, blood vessels, gut, and uterus in women. It plays a huge role in diseases associated with inflammation.
  • Type V – This collagen helps in forming a membrane around women’s placenta and is found in the eye’s cornea.
  • Type X – This is network-forming collagen essential for bone formation and is present in joint cartilage. 
  1. Sources of collagen 

You also need to consider the sources of your collagen. There is an availability of animal-based and plant-based collagen. However, animal-based collagen is found naturally, and plant-based ones are genetically engineered. 

The key sources of animal-based collagen are as follows: 

  • Bovine – It is derived from cattle byproducts breaking down. Essentially, it supports skin elasticity and hydration. 
  • Marine – It is derived from fish’s skin. Focused on promoting cartilage and skin health, it provides UV radiation protection and promotes healing. 
  • Chicken – Prominent in Type II collagen, this is produced in chicken and builds your inflammatory response to ensure healthy ligaments, joints, and cartilage. 
  • Eggshell Membrane – Found in Type V and I, eggshell membrane collagen has amino acids crucial for healthy tissue growth and aging. 
  1. Forms of collagen 

While choosing your collagen supplements, you also need to consider the form. There are three primary forms: 

  • Hydrolyzed – Derived from bovine, chicken, or marine, it is broken down into smaller particles. This is the best form of collagen as it can be absorbed easily. 
  • Undenatured – Derived from chicken cartilage, this is raw collagen. 10-40 mg can improve your joint health. 
  • Gelatin – A cooked form of gelatin derived from animal sources. It comes more in food forms rather than supplements. 


Collagen powder is of different types and comes from various sources. It is a sure-shot supplement to slow down your aging process. Moreover, it will help you easily maintain your skin, bones, and joints. 

Choosing a suitable powder can be daunting; however, if you know the type and sources of the collagen powder, you are sorted. Moreover, you must ensure you get the powder from organic sources, which should be hydrolyzed to ensure absorption. 

So, with the top tips for choosing collagen powders, you can ensure health and beauty benefits. 



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