Charleston Roofers Experience Strong Residential Roofing Demand
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Charleston Roofers Experience Strong Residential Roofing Demand

Residential Roofing

The Residential Roofing Charleston industry is experiencing strong growth and demand for their services. The state of the economy is a factor in the demand for new roofing projects. The city is also home to several storm-ravaged areas that require emergency roofing repairs. If you’re looking for a reliable roofer in Charleston, you’ve come to the right place.

Commercial roofing demand

There is a growing demand for commercial roofers in Charleston, South Carolina. This is due to the fact that metal roofing offers many benefits, including energy savings. By reflecting the sun, metal roofs can reduce energy bills in the winter and cool them in the summer. Energy savings are important for homeowners, and metal roofs are also more cost-effective.

In addition to replacing roofs, roofing contractors can also repair roofs that are aging or have been damaged by a storm. If this is the case, a qualified roofing specialist can quickly and effectively fix or replace roofs, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any building. Residential roofing contractors also help increase the value of a home and can repair roofs that have been damaged by storms.

Commodity prices

The cost of Residential Roofing Charleston SC is dependent on a few different factors. These factors include the cost of permits in Charleston County and the cost of replacing a single roof of the same type. The cost of the color tile that roofers choose to use can also influence the cost of the project. Color tiles can add as much as $35 to $50 per square foot to the total price of a roof project.

Storm-ravaged areas

Charleston Roofers understands that heavy storms can cause a home’s roof to become flooded or leak. Heavy rains can also damage gutters. Furthermore, rain driven by wind can wear away granules on shingles, leaving them susceptible to leaks. Homes in storm-prone areas should consider getting higher-rated shingles. These are rated for 30 years and can withstand winds of up to 130mph.

While storm-ravaged areas may have flooded or torn down roofs, the best way to avoid leaking roofs is to hire a licensed and bonded roofer. Many reputable roofing companies will even go door-to-door to assess storm damage to residential homes. These companies can also offer volume discounts.

Backlogs of projects

During the first quarter of 2017, the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) reported that the average backlog among contractor members increased to nine months, an increase of 8.1% from the fourth quarter of 2016. This increase is due in part to tax cuts and a strong economy, but there is also a shortage of experienced workers. Nevertheless, the association has strategies to combat this issue, including enhancing training and developing new techniques. Regardless of the reasons for the backlog, the industry is showing a strong commitment to quality service and a strong work force.

Contractors’ feelings about the state of their roof

While many people are wary of getting on top of their roofs, homeowners can perform a quick roof inspection themselves. All it takes is getting on the roof and physically inspecting each section. You should also take a good look at the underside of the roof. Doing this can be risky, and many property managers in Charleston do not recommend doing it.

Although a few issues are looming over the roofing industry, the overall feeling among contractors is positive. Although the economy is still showing signs of growth, the lack of clear direction from Capitol Hill has an effect on the labor pool and overall outlook. Added to this, increased labor costs and regulations have affected the bottom line for contractors.


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