How to turn Instagram followers into Snapchat friends

How to turn Instagram followers into Snapchat friends

Snapchat is rapidly becoming the most popular social Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia network for marketers. However, it can be difficult to find more Snapchat friends. Snapchat is only available on mobile devices, so posting your Snapchat QR code on your social media profiles is not very efficient. You’ve already spent so much time growing your Instagram community, so why not get started there? These 6 strategies will help you make more Snapchat friends with Instagram.

1. Snapchat Story: Share your Snapchat story with Instagram

Telling your Instagram followers about your Snapchat Story is a great way to increase your Snapchat friend count. Instead of asking for their support, give them a reason to add you. You can do this by posting a teaser on Instagram about your Snapchat story and telling your followers what your next snap will be. Bloglovin plans weekly takeovers for bloggers via Snapchat. The caption of an Instagram post will share the hashtag. You can easily schedule Instagram content ahead of time and include a caption about the Snapchat story.

2. Post the QR code but not!

You won’t get Snapchat friends if you just post your Snapchat ghost to your Instagram profile. Teens (and adults) are increasingly using Snapchat to make new friends. Teens (and adults!) have many Snapchat friends. They’re not looking to make more Snapchat friends. Think about how you can make your product interesting and unique so people will notice it. You can attract more Snapchat friends by creating something creative and unique for your Instagram and Twitter followers.

The yellow ghost QR code has become spammy and annoying.

3. Your Snapchat handle can be added to your Instagram bio

Although it may seem obvious, adding your Snapchat handle in your Instagram bio is a great way to increase your Snapchat friend count. You have two options: either you can write “Snapchat: later media” or “????. : later media (most people interpret the ghost emoji as “Snapchat”) You can also improve your Instagram bio by using these other methods

4. Your Snapchat URL can be linked to your Instagram bio

Snapchat offers a URL that is perfect for sharing your profile. Instead of using a QR code,  and if they open that link on a mobile device, it will instantly open your Snapchat profile in the Snapchat app. So cool! You want to give it a try? To add us to Snapchat, click if you are reading this on a mobile device.

Instagram links to other social media platforms within the app. This means that if you attempt to add your Snapchat URL “add me” to your Instagram bio directly, it will not work. It works if you use a link shortener such as to shorten your Snapchat URL. Then, paste the link in your Instagram bio. This is a great strategy to use when you launch Snapchat, want to increase your Snapchat friend count, or have a compelling story to share. Simply post a photo on Instagram and ask your followers to follow the link in their bio to join you. You can see how I did it here.

5. Snapchat content can be posted to your Instagram

Double-dipping content is fine! Your followers will see your Snapchat style and be able to post some of the best Snapchat content to Instagram. They’ll be more likely to like your Instagram snaps and add you to their feeds. Kim Kardashian is an Instagram star who adds her Snapchat username in her caption to encourage her followers to add her to Snapchat.

6. Snapchat offers exclusives and deals

The best way to increase your Snapchat friends is to give something you only have access to on Snapchat. You can do this by creating and sharing a Snapchat discount code, giving away a product preview, or even a giveaway for Snapchat friends. People love free stuff! buymalaysianfollowers Snapchat influencer @Shonduras has his own “Free Stuff Fridays” to engage his Snapchat followers and make more Snapchat friends.

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