‘Best vastu consultant in Kolkata’ Pinaki Pal offer a wide array of vastu services for its people!

‘Best vastu consultant in Kolkata’ Pinaki Pal offer a wide array of vastu services for its people!

Many people approach Best vastu consultants in Kolkata without understanding what vastu services that they expect from them. This can lead to confusion and harassment for them. 

Since most of the common folks know very little about vastu shastra themselves, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata decided to make things crystal clear for them. 

If you ever looked for Best vastu consultant in Kolkata for your needs, chances are high that you might have experience similar dilemma. 

Today, we are listing the services that you will be able to get from Pinaki Pal, the founder of Vaastu Mangaal and one of the Best vastu consultants in Kolkata and all over India.

  • Vastu evaluation of all properties-

Whether you seek vastu for residential building or commercial (like shop, showroom or office) our expert vastuvid with their extensive knowledge and guidance will be able to help. You need not look out for multiple vastubid for each property type.  

  • Vastu site selection package- 

Before you purchase property, it is essential that you rule out the possibility of any many major defects in its vastu. Only Best vastu consultant in Kolkata can offer you such help with the help of site selection package. In case there lies a defect which cannot be resolved effectively or entirely, it is best to avoid it altogether. 

  • Vastu evaluation for new properties-

If you are all set to buy or build a brand new property (let it be home, office, shop, showroom or factory); you can get complete vastu guidelines for it from our expert vastuvid at Vaastu Mangaal. We help you make vastu compliant floor plan and furnishing for it.

  • Vastu evaluation for old properties-

Since it is not possible for everyone to buy new property from scratch, many people invest in old properties. If you are one of them, you should still pay attention to its vastu. With the help of our expert vastuvids, you can make this the most auspicious property for your need. 

  • Vastu guidance for both owners and tenants-

A significant portion of people live in rented properties. The vastu of such rented property affects both its owner and occupants. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata extends their guidance for both tenants and owners of the vastu, taking note of their ability to implement vastu corrections. 

  • Vastu remedies without demolition-

It is a misconception that you need to break down a vastu to fix its defects. In truth, there are many vastu remedies that require no demotion of the demolition of the property whatsoever. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata can offer such remedies for your properties.   

  • Vastu items for vastu correction-

There are a wide range of vastu items out there which are critical to resolve several vastu defects. At Vaastu Mangaal, you can get many high quality vastu items including Elixer, an exclusive vastu item that will correct many vastu defects singlehandedly.  

  • Comprehensive report-

Vaastu Mangaal offers a comprehensive vastu report to its client that has all the details of the vastu that you will need to know about it. It also explains about space surgery technique procedure and color vastu therapy guidance in brief.

  • Free lifetime support-

When you avail the vastu services from Vaastu Mangaal, we offer supplementary assistance to you for the future as well. This additional service includes any kind of enquiry and assistance for the vastu done by us. The best part is, we take no charge for it, it is totally free of cost. 

  • Online vastu evaluation-

Vaastu Mangaal offers its services in all over India, and even outside it. Needless to say, seeking in person vastu consultation is not something everyone can afford to. So the vastu expert Pinaki Pal offers online vastu service to those who reside in farther locations. Online vastu evaluation is very accurate and effective. 

  • A range of packages to pick from-

Vaastu Mangaal offers at least one package for all people. All of our vastu services are of top class. Based on your need and budget, you can select the vastu package that is most useful for you. 

Our expert vastuvid offers numerology and astro vastu services for its clients apart from quality vastu related services.  

As you can see for yourself, at Vaastu Mangaal you can get all the vastu services that you can possibly need under the same roof itself. So, what is stopping you from utilize these amazing features? 

Get high end service from Best vastu consultant in Kolkata only at Vaastu Mangaal. Out founder expert vastuvid Pinaki Pal, always stays eager to extend his support to those who are in need.

Many people are now leading a much improvised life than before. Now its your turn to do so. Book an appointment with us at Vaastu Mangaal today!

 Description- Best vastu consultant in Kolkata Pinaki Pal offers a wide array of vastu related services for you all under the same roof.


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