Best Health Moviematric to Recommend and watch
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Best Health Moviematric to Recommend and watch


If you watch a lot, you can turn it into something you can learn from! In moviematric Check out these shows, the best health movies. These are documentaries you may have already seen. Check them out again and if you’ve never seen them, it’s time!

1. Forks on knives

I took my husband and granddaughter to this movie. They sat down with me and pretended to be upset, but I could tell they both enjoyed it, watched it, and learned a lot. You can’t watch this movie and not go home craving vegetables.

2. Sick and almost dead fat man

This moviematric changed the way people look at juicers and lounge areas. Joe Cross is charismatic, lovable, and practices what he preaches. Joe had many success stories, including his own. I’ve had people who wouldn’t have tried green juice, juicing, and losing weight. He traveled from one end of the country to the other, teaching people the joys of juicing.


3. What health

The film gained a lot of attention and was much talked about. The film linked the consumption of animal products to cancer. There were many new wagons for a while after this movie.


4. Food Inc

In this moviematric the film bursts many naïve bubbles. It tells the story of how food gets from the farm to the kitchen table. This was the story of the farm.

5. Food matters

It got a lot of attention from America. It was one of many people’s first glimpses of how food affects health. It has garnered a lot of attention and can’t help but have a positive effect on the well-being of all who see it.

As many of us are confined to our homes during this precautionary measure to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors from contracting COVID-19, we are staring at our computers and television screens more than ever. I am certainly guilty of this! With such an abundance of content to choose from, narrowing down our options can feel overwhelming. As a CREST.BD volunteer and self-proclaimed movie buff (I know it’s not very cool to refer to yourself as such, how many movies do you have to watch anyway?) I thought Let me compose a list of some of my favorite movies involving mental health. .

Small warning: the movie industry tends to take creative license to mock and exaggerate the truth of people’s lives or the situations they face. If the movies are not attractive and entertaining, they are unlikely to attract a large audience. And with this comes a missed opportunity to promote awareness and compassion for people with mental illness. The problem, however, is that unless viewers go home and do some solid research into the validity of these diseases, this “film education” may represent a form of conventional education. Unfortunately, some of the misunderstandings can be repeated in many movies and even in cases where the filmmakers are clearly trying to do something sincere and intelligent. It is important to recognize that this form of learning is often designed to provide us with an emotional understanding of life outside of our own in order to gain empathy. Movies, especially fiction, will never be a substitute for real-life experiences, and we must do our best to understand when storytelling liberties are taken.


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