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Here is the detailed guideline about box printing and the problem you faced during Printing. Find the issues and solve them like a professional. Do you know the packaging of the item leaves a first impact on the buyers? If the cases you are picking for the delivery or branding thing are not suitable. You are losing a target buyer. Your packaging must need to reflect your brand’s value and quality. You need to get the cases with custom info that makes this helpful carton charming. If you fail to focus on Boxes Printing, neither the unique shape nor the pattern will boost the business.


Besides the shape or the die-cut pattern of the boxes, Printing holds a vital place in customization. Have you ever made the best design then executed it, and the result was different? You found that:

  • Texts were cut
  • Color bleeds or dull
  • The images are a blur

If yes, you made one of the beginner print mistakes. No need to worry. In this blog, you will find all about it in detail and learn how to fix these problems.


Sometimes to save money, you choose the cheap printed boxes of low quality. If you are using these carts for Printing, the result is not the best. It is vital to the research on the print stuff to find out about the

  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Ability

If you know all about the carton stuff, it may help you pick the best material for Printing. You can ask for help from the printing and packaging companies near me to tell you about various types of stuff and their purposes. Are you picking cardboard custom printed boxes for Printing? It is then vital to look for all the info that is a must for the best Printing. Never go for the cheap or low-quality stuff because these cases would not offer the best Printing.


What is bleeding? The print process is the edge or place of the sheet that you will trim off in the end. Think out of the box so when it comes to creating a unique pattern. So here is the first tip. Make sure your pattern logo or other images must be inside the case margins so it does not remove during Printing.

Trick: Margins are the trick. You may place your messages or images on the pattern too close to the edges without any specific margin. So it is vital to leave around 3mm of bleed on all four sides.


What is resolution? It is tiny color drops that create digital images. You measure it in PPT or pixel/inch, but you have to study its DPI for Printing. So DPI stands for dot/inch. Suppose the printer graphics turn blurry or hazy. It shows you need DPI, a higher one. 

Here the higher DPI shows a high density of the pixel in the photo, which ends in crisp, sharp images. Here 300 Dot/pixel is the basis for any print. However, it is vital to note that the DPI count could not reduce. So the resolution needs to go with the correct size.


The first thing you need to study is where you are using this logo or pattern? If your pattern is used on the digital screen, you need to make it in the RGB modes. What does RGB mean/ It means Red, green, and blue colors. These are the light shades that the screen utilizes to show various colors.

If you print the pattern on the cardboard custom box, switch to the CYMK color mode. Usually, the printer uses CYMK inks to offer the best images. CYMK consists of the following shades:

  • cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black

When you create the logo in CYMK mode, you can see the result before printing it on the box. You can avoid any unpleasant effects.


Usually, the print pattern issues are layout problems. When you print the pattern, it appears merely illegible and shabby. Here you need to avoid some points to keep your images more readable. Here is the tip. Never use more than two types of fonts. Overcrowding the graphics with various fonts and typefaces will make it annoying and illegible to read.

Kern the text. What is kerning? It is the area between the characters of the text. If you do not do the right kerning, the message becomes difficult to read. Never overload the pattern with messages. Here less is more. Be crisp and concise.


There are many image file formats that you may save the pattern graphic in it. The design that you want to print sometimes needs a specific form. Now think about whether you need the logo in vector or raster format. So what is a raster? It is the images that consist of pixels.

On the other hand, vector consists of curves and geometric lines. It shows you can create it any size while securing the shape. Are you conscious about the pattern getting pixels? Here is the top tip that always makes the design more significant than the actual sizes. You can reduce the resolution but never raise it.


Here is the last most vital guidance on the Boxes Printing that is proofread. You need to proofread the pattern or text before you print it. Even you are not the one who creates those beautiful lines but always glances at the message and design. One grammatical mistake or one missing comma can alter the essence of the message. Spelling and grammatical errors make the brand appear amateur, and the user never politely takes it.

So follow the points mentioned in the blog and become pro in the Printing of cardboard boxes. These few mistakes affect the brand reputation badly.


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