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1. Take Advantage Of Titles And Subtitles

To make your content easy for visitors to read, you need to create a clear and easy-to-understand content sbxhrl structure. One way to structure easy-to-understand content is to use titles and subheadings.


Titles and sub-headings divide your article into sections. Simply put, titles and sub-headings are like a book, chapters, and sub-chapters. With headlines and subtitles, it’s easy for readers to find the essentials.


In addition, titles and subtitles help search engines understand your content. Headlines make it easy for search engine bots to crawl content and view it as content.


WordPress provides Heading 1 to Heading 6. Heading 1 is usually used as an automatic title. So what you can use next is Heading 2 to Heading 6. However, you usually only need up to Heading 4. In each of these, you need to enter the focus keywords or their derivatives.


2. Focus Keywords In The First 100 Words

In addition to the title, the first paragraph should give the reader a good first impression. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. So if possible, it’s best to include focus keywords in the first 100 words.


However, not all focus keywords are suitable for ranking sbxhrl in the top 100 words. If this is not possible, the focus keyword does not need to be in the first paragraph. With footnotes, you make the first paragraph interesting and clear so that the reader will immediately know what you are going to cover in the article.


3. Use Responsive Themes (Mobile Friendly)

A responsive theme is a theme that is compatible with any device. Whether you open it on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, your website still works well and is responsive.


Unfortunately, not all WordPress themes are responsive. Therefore, you should be careful before choosing a theme for your website. Make sure the theme you choose is responsive to all devices, especially mobile devices.


In addition, Google has now implemented Mobile-First Indexing, which requires website owners to create a mobile-friendly website. With Google Mobile-First Index, Google now evaluates website performance through the mobile version of the website. If the mobile version of your website produces poor performance, it will negatively affect the overall sbxhrl quality of the website.


4. Enter The Outgoing Link

When creating content, try to have at least one link to another website or an outbound link. However, this is not a superficial website, yes. Make sure the website you use as a reference has a good reputation.


Outbound links work to show that you are a reliable source of content. In addition to links pointing to appropriate referral sources, your content is also considered on the same topic as the referral website.


5. Maximize Internal Links

Not only external links but also internal links need to be maximized. Internal links are links that point to other content on your website. This type of link is important to make it easy for readers to move from one piece of content to another on your website.


In addition, internal links help search engines understand the context and relationships between website pages. Google prefers websites whose content is interconnected. And through internal links, you can show the connection between the content on your website.


6. Increase Website Speed

Slow website loading will only disappoint visitors and leave your site. The more people who leave your site, the higher the bounce rate will be. High bounce rates will definitely negatively affect your sbxhrl quality.


Therefore, you need to increase the speed of your website. Now try to check how fast your website is loading. You can check it out using one of these 10 tools.


If the loading speed of your website is still more than 5 seconds, you should start being cautious. Because according to Google research, 53% of visitors leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.


What do you need to do to speed up your website? There are several steps that can be taken to speed up the sbxhrl loading of a website.

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