5 Major Kraft Boxes Design Trends You Can’t Ignore

5 Major Kraft Boxes Design Trends You Can’t Ignore


What are Kraft Boxes?

Kraft boxes are a unique type of cardboard box that has taken the packaging industry by storm in recent years. For meeting various branding approaches, many brands find them to be the most suitable material to be used for packaging. They are made with a material that is 100% recyclable. In addition to being functional, these boxes can be customized to meet the design needs of a brand.

Kraft boxes’ use has increased ever since the brands have started to use the packaging product which is environment friendly. Since these packaging boxes are trendy, let us see some of 5 most common trends being follow:

Kraft Boxes Packaging with a Transparent Window:

One of the newest styles that are being follow by everyone these days is a packaging box with a clear and transparent window. These boxes are effective for attracting those customers who are conscious about their health and want to see the product without opening the packaging. Having a window on the casing gives them peace of mind because they know that everyone would have made a sneak peek inside it.

Clear windows have also been added, targeting those customers who are boring of conventional designs and want to see something contemporary. They also feel that they are safe from falling prey to the misleading advertisement strategies that lead them to buy things they cannot see.

Brands know that these days, customers have more knowledge and awareness due to overexposure, and therefore, they like revealing designs more. This is the reason we can see top markets making their way to the industry with more attention-seeking and revealing Kraft boxes packaging to capture the market and outperform their competitors.

Kraft Boxes With a Minimalism Approach:

When we talk about modern trends, we include everything that modern people with a new and different way of thinking want to see and use. Minimalism is a trend that is attracting people from different sectors. Luxury Kraft boxes with minimalist design seem very simple at first but have a unique look that provides an opportunity to consumers to use such a packaging solution that can tremendously increase their excitement level. Minimalist boxes tend to communicate with consumers with their unique look and design.

Gone are the days when people would love to buy a product with a casing that is busy in terms of design. These days, people prefer basic and simple designs more as they are quite rare. A minimalistic design enables a brand to speak as little as possible and yet make an impression on the viewer

Kraft Boxes With Gift Style:

This is another unique look that is in trend these days. Cardboard boxes are no longer boring and simple. These days, they have so much to offer. When we add a gift style to their design, we make them look more compelling by adding a shining theme to their design and then putting a ribbon on their top. Such cute and adorable design persuades consumers to buy the product housed inside them.

People love to buy these boxes because they allow them to present their love and gifts through them easily without putting extra effort. In the past, people used to decorate the box in which they wanted to present a gift. Custom luxury boxes with the gift theme save them from putting extra effort.

Cardboard Boxes With a Good Feel:

When the concept of using kraft boxes was new, people were focusing on the visibility factor just. Now, brands have started to focus on the sense of touch of consumers. If a product feels good to touch, it will be more powerful to convince the customer to purchase the product packed inside them.

Emboss prints and designs are generally felt more than simple printing. If you want to give a feel, you must go with the embossed prints. Print the name and logo of the brand on the surface of these packaging boxes and give a luxurious look to the box. This also makes the customer feel that he has bought something premium and high in quality

Boxes in Cylindrical Shape:

The best part of using cardboard boxes is that they can be use to house products of various types. Due to this, they can be modifie into numerous shapes so that they can accommodate any product they have been designe for.

Buying Kraft boxes wholesale is a primary approach for companies who want to have a shape of their choice. Buying them in cylindrical shape allows them to make a packaging solution with the base and walls of their desired dimensions. Cylindrical-shaped boxes can accommodate various types of products regardless of their shape. These shapes are new in the market, and this is the reason people have started to fall in love with them. If you are also running a brand, you can buy Kraft boxes at cheap rates from different sources


Kraft boxes are the trendiest packaging items these days. They have the potential to meet the modern needs of people of this era. They are rough but highly useful because they are protective and also allow every company to use them in many other latest ways to compel their consumers to buy products from them.


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