Who is Mike Mentzer and his Training Routine?
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Who is Mike Mentzer and his Training Routine?

Mike Mentzer

Mike Mentzer, a legendary IFBB professional bodybuilder, an author, and a businessman, is known for doing things he believed to be right. He is a successful bodybuilding genius who motivated a lot of people in following his career and know his fitness methods and diets.

He was also known as a bodybuilding mystery. But, no one can change the fact of him being the most intriguing character to be on the Olympia stage.

He began doing bodybuilding at just the age of 12. He was fascinated by the physiques he used to see in the fitness magazine. It encouraged him to mold his body just like that.

When he attended Mr.Olmpia for the first time in 1965, he met Larry Scott, the first two Olympia titleholders. Seeing him, Mike decided of becoming Mr.Olympian one day. It is this moment that led him to start his bodybuilding journey.

People interested in bodybuilding want to know the training routine of the face of Iron Man Magazine. So, without further ado, let’s learn about it in detail.

Mike Mentzer Training Routine

Mike Mentzer’s Training routine created a lot of excitement among a lot of people. He even discussed his workout principles and training philosophy in his Heavy Duty articles. From his articles, we came to know how intense, brief, and infrequent the face of the iron man magazine workout was.

According to him, bodybuilders actually over-train themselves, which slows down their progress. Hence, he shifted to the routine that involves a basic heavy-duty routine. It consists of four to five sets per body part and is divided into two workouts. The first workout includes the leg, chest, and triceps, while the second constitutes the back, shoulder, and biceps.

The exercises included in the Mike Mentzer Training Routine are:

Day 1:

  • Legs: Leg presses, leg extensions, squats, leg curls, toe presses, and calf raises.
  • Chest: Dumbbell flyers, pec deck, dips, and incline presses.
  • Triceps: Pushdowns, dips, and lying triceps extensions.

Day 3:

  • Back Superset: Close-grip pulldowns, nautilus pullovers, bent-over barbell rows
  • Traps Superset: Universal machine shrugs and Upright rows.
  • Shoulders Superset: Nautilus laterals, nautilus presses, and rear-delt rows.
  • Biceps: Standing barbell curls and concentration curls

He took his days off on days two and four and return to day one. The workout routine he followed helped him in becoming legendary bodybuilding fame that people will never forget.


Who trained Mike Mentzer?

Trainer Arthur Jones

What did Mike Mentzer do for abs?

According to Iron Man Magazine, that day Mentzer performed sit-ups while holding a 100-pound weight plate against his chest. He served approximately eight reps per set and three sets in total. Mike believed that you should train your abdominals in the same manner as any other muscle, and he did just that.

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