Weak Jawline: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
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Weak Jawline: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Weak jawline

Weak jawline or weak jaw is a term we use when we don’t have a well-defined jawline. Your chin may have a rounded shape due to many reasons. It is maybe natural and sometimes due to genetic traits. It is also called retrognathia. Moreover, It is known as a receding chin. The mandible is more towards the neck in this condition. It looks like a double chin.

It is completely normal and never disturbs our daily routine. Females are more thoughtful about it and want a sharp jawline. Besides, a Weak jawline female is eliminated by using different techniques. Some females try some exercises to reduce their chin. The additional methods include cosmetic surgery. Moreover, neck botox and liposuction procedures are also widely used around the globe.

Weak jawline female:

In females, this is a trending topic. A well-defined and sharp jawline is a part of fashion. The female with a sharp and well-defined jawline seems attractive. Well, it is part of our beauty standards. No doubt, females with rounder jaws are also beautiful. In this article, I’ve discussed some of the important procedures to improve the jawline.

Weak male jawline:

Males are also very concerned about their chin. They want a sharp chin. The jawline is no doubt the most described feature of a human face. The jaw shape represents a manly characteristic in Males. Moreover, it gives you model-like look. The chin curve gives you a confident and attractive look. In addition, the strong jawline has a rectangle or square shape. Models and actors these days develop well-defined jaw. The weak jawline male is also a trending topic now.

Factors of the weak chin:

There are many factors of a weak or receding chin. Some of the most studied factors included. Firstly, Genetic traits are responsible for the rounded chin. Secondly, old age is responsible for this. Thirdly, chewing soft food lead to a soft jaw. Fourth, if you breathe from your mouth you can develop a double chin. Fifth and last less collagen can cause a rounded chin.

Jawline exercises:

The first preferable method to reduce a rounded or weak chin is facial exercise. There are several exercises for weak jawlines which are recommended to reduce double chin. On the top is a tongue twister. During tongue twister, place your tongue on your mouth roof. Apply pressure on mouth top with tongue. The second exercise is the ball exercise. Place 8 to 10 inches of the ball under your chin. Now press your chin over the ball 10-15 times.

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Tongue stretch is the third exercise, stick out your tongue. Move your tongue towards your nose. Retain this position for 10 sec and repeat. Neck stretch is also considered good. In this stretch look at the roof and tilt your head backward. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat. Meanwhile, The other instructions you’ve to follow are to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Avoid fats in your diet and get a balanced diet.

Strong vs weak jaw:

Strong vs weak jawline female has a prominent difference. The weak jaw has a rounded shape and is towards the neck. But the strong jaw protrudes forward. And it looks very prominent on the face as compared to a weak jaw. Strong jaw jas rectangular or square. It shows the masculinity in men. And in women, it is a sign of beauty and attraction. Apart from this, a strong jaw promises you better swallowing and chewing.

The surgical procedure to sharpen your rounded jaw:

Now a day, many surgical procedures are helpful to fix receding chin. The first procedure is botox. In botox, you’re injected with a drug that can reduce your saggy skin or double chin. Meanwhile, This is not a permanent solution. You’ve to repeat this procedure after every three months. The 2nd procedure is Liposuction. In this process, the excess fat present in your jaw or neck will be removed. This gives you permanent results.

Chin Augmentation:

In this method, your chin is implanted by tissues similar to our body tissues. Chin augmentation is a surgical method. It has its merits and demerits. It gives you a sharp jawline and facial features. Sometimes, Surgeons have to give shape to your jaw bones. Apart from this, the Weak jawline is also reduced by the Fat grafting method. In this method, fat from the belly is grafted into the chin.